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Technical 2

Precise Semiconductor Nanowire Placement Through Dielectrophoresis

In Vitro and In Vivo Nonlinear Optical Imaging of Silicon Nanowires

Non-Contact Electrical Measurements of Hot and Cold Domains in Silica Dielectric Breakdown

Unidirectional Ultracompact Optical Nanoantennas

Platform for Controlled Supramolecular Nanoassembly

Creation of Individual Vacancies in Carbon Nanotubes by Using an Electron Beam of 1 Å Diameter

Controlled Propulsion of Artificial Magnetic Nanostructured Propellers

Single-nucleotide discrimination in immobilized DNA oligonucleotides with a biological nanopore

Detection of circular polarization in light scattered from photosynthetic microbes

Synthesis of orthogonal transcription-translation networks.

Monitoring the Conformation of Benzo[apyrene Adducts in the Polymerase Active Site using Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer]

Quantifying Electric Field Gradient Fluctuations over Polymers Using Ultrasensitive Cantilevers

Unidirectional Ultracompact Optical Nanoantennas

Facilitated diffusion with DNA coiling

The second wave of synthetic biology: from modules to systems

Very interesting: Formation of Ordered Cellular Structures in Suspension via Label-Free Negative Magnetophoresis

Turning Charge Transfer On and Off in a Molecular Interferometer with Vibronic Pathways

Two-Terminal Nanoelectromechanical Devices Based on Germanium Nanowires

Interesting:Impedance Matching and Emission Properties of Nanoantennas in an Optical Nanocircuit

Optical Properties of the Crescent-Shaped Nanohole Antenna

Localised heating of tumours utilising injectable magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia cancer therapy

Fabry-Perot Resonances in One-Dimensional Plasmonic Nanostructures

In Vivo Measurement of Intramolecular Distances Using Genetically Encoded Reporters

Tunable magnetoelectric resonance devices

Effects of Recombinant Protein Expression on Green Fluorescent Protein Diffusion in Escherichia coli

Beyond the Fermi liquid paradigm: Hidden Fermi liquids

DNA relaxation dynamics as a probe for the intracellular environment

Peptide and Protein Building Blocks for Synthetic Biology: From Programming Biomolecules to Self-Organized Biomolecular Systems

Reciprocal DNA Nanomechanical Devices Controlled by the Same Set Strands

Single-DNA Molecule Nanomotor Regulated by Photons

High-Resolution Structural Analysis of a DNA Nanostructure by cryoEM

Quantum dots: When a barrier is not an obstacle

Transcriptional pausing without backtracking

Magnetic stabilization and vorticity in submillimeter paramagnetic liquid tubes

Nature's pH meter (I-tetraplex)