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Technical 12

Nanoparticles that communicate in vivo to amplify tumour targeting

Electrostatic placement of single ferritin molecules

Electrostatic Placement of Nanodots onto Silicon Substrate Using Ferritin Protein Supramolecules with Control of Electrostatic Interaction in Solution

Placement of conjugated oligomers in an alkanethiol matrix by scanned probe microscope lithography

Placement and Characterization of Pairs of Luminescent Molecules in Spatially Separated Regions of Nanostructured Thin Films

Controlled Placement of Luminescent Molecules and Polymers in Mesostructured Sol−Gel Thin Films

Precise DNA placement and stretching in electrode gaps using electric fields in a microfluidic system

Electrostatic Funneling for Precise Nanoparticle Placement: A Route to Wafer-Scale Integration

Single-particle placement via self-limiting electrostatic gating


Electrostatic Trapping of Neutral Atomic Particles

Strategies for Controlled Placement of Nanoscale Building Blocks

Controlled placement of nanoscale building blocks: Toward large-scale fabrication of nanoscale devices

Atomically Precise Placement of Single Dopants in Si

DNA self-assembly: prospectus and its future application

A Potent, Water-Soluble and Photoinducible DNA Cross-Linking Agent

Photoinducible Bioorthogonal Chemistry: A Spatiotemporally Controllable Tool to Visualize and Perturb Proteins in Live Cells

An electric field induced in the retina and brain at threshold magnetic flux density causing magnetophosphenes

The zero-sum game of pathway optimization: Emerging paradigms for tuning gene expression.

Optimization of pyrosequencing reads by superior successive incorporation efficiency of improved 2′-deoxyadenosine-5′-triphosphate analogs

Advanced multi-component nanostructures designed by dynamic shadowing growth

In situ monitoring of single molecule binding reactions with time-lapse atomic force microscopy on functionalized DNA origami

Nimbus, Seeded by Bill Gates, Raises $24 Million For Computer-Aided Drug Discovery


Graphene as Cellular Interface: Electromechanical Coupling with Cells

Interactions between Magnetic Nanowires and Living Cells: Uptake, Toxicity, and Degradation

Significant FRET between SWNT/DNA and Rare Earth Ions: A Signature of Their Spatial Correlations

Video: Slime Mold Engineers the Motorways of Spain

Fluorogenic DNA sequencing in PDMS microreactors

Turning the lights on a few molecules at a time

The author file: Xiaoliang Sunney Xie

DNA cages 'can survive inside living cells'

Gestural Flybots ~ Quadrotor Control w/ Kinect!

Probing Individual Environmental Bacteria for Viruses by Using Microfluidic Digital PCR