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Technical 10

Extraction of Chemical Information of Suspensions Using Radiative Transfer Theory To Remove Multiple Scattering Effects: Application to a Model Multicomponent System

Fabrication of Cell Chip for Detection of Cell Cycle Progression Based on Electrochemical Method

Ultrasensitive in Situ Label-Free DNA Detection Using a GaN Nanowire-Based Extended-Gate Field-Effect-Transistor Sensor

Informing biological design by integration of systems and synthetic biology.

Emerging Technologies in Sequencing

A new method of sequencing DNA (Sanger)

DNA sequencing with chain-terminating inhibitors

A new method for sequencing DNA (Maxam)

Visualizing Gold Nanoparticle Uptake in Live Cells with Liquid Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

A Single-Molecule Potentiometer

Bright Fluorescence from Individual Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Self-Healing of Fractured GaAs Nanowires

Probing the Radiative Transition of Single Molecules with a Tunable Microresonator

Mapping the Ligand-binding Site on a GPCR Using Genetically-encoded Photocrosslinkers

Real-Time and Label-Free Detection of Cellular Response to Signaling Mediated by Distinct Subclasses of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors

Laser-Induced Shockwave Chromatography: A Separation and Analysis Method for Nanometer-Sized Particles and Molecules

Screening of Protective Effect of Amifostine on Radiation-Induced Structural and Functional Variations in Rat Liver Microsomal Membranes by FT-IR Spectroscopy

Optimizing Label-Free DNA Electrical Detection on Graphene Platform

Undetected Components in Natural Mixtures: How Many? What Concentrations? Do They Account for Chemical Noise? What Is Needed to Detect Them?

Biological Approaches to Clean Water

Miniaturized isothermal nucleic acid amplification, a review

Towards single cell heat shock response by accurate control on thermal confinement with an on-chip microwire electrode

Localization imaging using blinking quantum dots

Real-time reaction monitoring using ion mobility-mass spectrometry

Evaluation of digital PCR for absolute DNA quantification

Primordial synthesis of amines and amino acids in a 1958 Miller H2S-rich spark discharge experiment

Highly Sensitive Pyrosequencing Based on the Capture of Free Adenosine 5′ Phosphosulfate with Adenosine Triphosphate Sulfurylase

Electroporation dependence on cell size: an optical tweezers study

Chemistry of nucleic acids: impacts in multiple fields.

Development of rapid oral bacteria detection apparatus based on dielectrophoretic impedance measurement method

A Single-Molecule Potentiometer

Self-powered sensor for trace mercury detection

Real-time label-free monitoring of adipose-derived stem cell differentiation with electric cell-substrate impedance sensing

Robustness of Quantum Dot Power-Law Blinking

A Microfluidic Transendothelial electrical resistance measurement device

Self-arraying of charged levitating droplets

Single Cell Analysis

Process Analytical Chemistry

Thermoelectric method for sequencing DNA

Electric Glue: Electrically Controlled Polymer-Surface Adhesion

Biosensors: Magnets tackle kinetic questions

Frequency-Selective Rotation of Two-Particle Nanoactuators for Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Biomolecules

Activation of the JNK pathway by nanosecond pulsed electric fields