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Social 3

The long shadow cast by childhood physical and mental problems on adult life

The Conception of Life in Synthetic Biology.

Megabases for kilodollars.

Biotechnology for developing countries. The case of the Central American isthmus.

Does your chairman need to be Superman?

Chinese biotechs wrestle with transparency, cultural hurdles

Mandating race: how the USPTO is forcing race into biotech patents


Current ethical issues in synthetic biology: where should we go from here?

Synthetic biology: navigating the challenges ahead.

The Culture Wars in Bioethics Revisited

Mind the Gap: Charting the Distance between Christian and Secular Bioethics

Christian Bioethics after Christendom: Living in a Secular Fundamentalist Polity and Culture

Commercializing a disruptive technology

Trade Secrets (Blog)

Nature Biotechnology Podcast

A life of its own: where will synthetic biology lead us?

US attitudes toward human embryonic stem cell research

Assessing the impact of China's Thousand Talents Program on life sciences innovation

[ Live from BIO: For real innovation, look beyond science

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Synthetic biology. DARPA offers $30 million to jump-start cellular factories.

Copyright: Google's universal digital library dream is shattered

Moral rights: Rare US moral rights ruling by Seventh Circuit: no protection for Chicago garden

One per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration

The author's moral right to withdraw a work (droit de repentir): a French perspective

Strengths and limitations of the federal guidance on synthetic DNA.

Biocompatible artificial DNA linker that is read through by DNA polymerases and is functional in Escherichia coli

Word Selection Affects Perceptions of Synthetic Biology

Policy-ready science

An analysis of Federal Circuit Discrimination: The evolution of the Written Description Requirement vis-á-vis DNA and biotechnological inventions-concerns for Synthetic Biology.

Motivating voter turnout by invoking the self

Commercializing a disruptive technology

Finding the niche for human somatic cell nuclear transfer

Human DNA patent renewals on the decline

Balancing Our Approach to the Insider Threat

Public Response to an Anthrax Attack: Reactions to Mass Prophylaxis in a Scenario Involving Inhalation Anthrax from an Unidentified Source