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Social 2

Science on trial (Eathquake prosecutions)

Reply to Murray and Schloss: Designer genes?

Bilski v. Kappos: the US Supreme Court broadens patent subject-matter eligibility

DNA patents and diagnostics: not a pretty picture

Synthetic Biology: Now that We're Creators, What Should We Create?

Why you need a lawyer: What's involved in formally starting a biotech company?

Five "C's" of successful startups

History of science is good for you

Patent protection for DNA sequences – to be or not to be?

US Supreme Court returns patent-eligibility test to fundamental principles

Synthetic biology and the ethics of knowledge.

Safe and effective synthetic biology

Building a strategy for maximizing intellectual property value

A blocking patent can kill your business before it's off the ground.

Is copyright good for music?

Who or what is 'the public'?

A shadow falls over gene patents in the United States and Europe

Grant management skills are critical for young scientists

Wrong fixes for gene patents

DNA not patentable

Getting it right the first time (Business development)

Streamlining your business for success

Science in the service of citizens and consumers

What's in a name?

Biotech in the basement

Biotech and gender issues in the developing world

Parts, property and sharing

Our synthetic future

Should moral objections to synthetic biology affect public policy?

From synthetic biology to biohacking: are we prepared?

US government report recommends a "principle of regulatory parsimony" for synthetic biology.

Synthetic biology & human health: some initial thoughts on the ethical questions and how we ought to approach them.

How the EU can fund your company

Building the Case for Biotechnology: Management Case Studies in Science, Laws, Regulations, Politics, and Business

The ‘real world’ utility of miRNA patents: lessons learned from expressed sequence tags

Towards a medical grade human genome sequence

Judging the Archon Genomics X PRIZE for whole human genome sequencing

NIH Director’s Early Independence Award (EIA)

Amorous for Amyris: 4 months post-IPO, bulls are running – what do we know?

When IP lawyers pay a visit to the lab

Gary Pisano

Unsettled expectations: how recent patent decisions affect biotech

Four steps to finding the right people

Personal genomics to the people

Mixed messages from Washington

Intellectual property rights in publicly funded biobanks: much ado about nothing?

Recent patent applications in gene expression