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Getting to Know the Public

Religious beliefs and public attitudes toward nanotechnology in Europe and the United States

Deliberating the risks of nanotechnologies for energy and health applications in the United States and United Kingdom

The legacy of Myriad for gene-based diagnostics: a new policy and regulatory option

Patents on genes, usefulness, and the requirement of industrial application

Vatican Cheers GM

Proliferation-resistant biotechnology: an approach to improve biological security

Biotech under Barack

Hearts and minds and nanotechnology

Lines of communication

Six secrets to success—how to build a sustainable biotech business

The habits of successful bioentrepreneurs

Wasting cash—the decline of the British biotech sector

Bio-art: the ethics behind the aesthetics

Merlin's maestro

Building today's platform company

The eccentric engineer (al-Jazari)

Acts of God?

Adventures in wonderland

Playing to win (Business Plan Competitions)

A different perspective on science

Essential features for proactive risk management

Designs for living

A blueprint for biotech's blues

GM fish ice cream

Beyond the biotech IPO: a brave new world

Twelve lords a-leaping

DNA confidential

US objection to ‘gene’ patenting: USPTO and Myriad in the spotlight

Golden Triangle taps Boston

Is it virtuous to be virtual? The VC viewpoint

The role of patents in biodiversity conservation

God in the lab

Advising the government

The biotech Stradivarius

China's GM rice first

Harmonizing biosecurity oversight for gene synthesis

Irish bioethics council axed

Ontology engineering

Find them early

Ark's gene therapy stumbles at the finish line

Monsanto's alfalfa reaches Supreme Court

Biotechs go virtual

Chinese institute makes bold sequencing play

One year in—Obama's biotech scorecard

Patenting biotech beyond the central dogma

The importance of foreign-born talent for US innovation

Pacemakers and Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators: Software Radio Attacks and Zero-Power Defenses

Beyond venture capital

Purpose-bound protection for DNA sequences: in through the back door?

Who invents life: intelligent designers, blind watchmakers, or genetic engineers?

Advent of synthetic life

In the footsteps of biotech

Disclosing discoveries (IP issues with University research)

Has biology disproved free will and moral responsibility?

Reply to Anckarsäter: A belief in free will is based on faith

Bioethics. U.S. panel weighs guidelines for synthetic biology.

Synthetic biology, analytic ethics.

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