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Articles to Read

Potential Grad Work

Favorite Journals

Nature Nanotechnology (Has categories)


Journal of Biological Engineering

Journal of Chemical Biology

Biotechnology and Bioengineering


Physical Biology


IET Nanobiotechnology

Biophysical Journal

Review of Scientific Instruments

Nanobioscience, IEEE Transactions on

Nanobiotechnology, IET

Nanotechnology, IEEE Transactions on

Biosensors and Bioelectronics (Search DNA + in vivo)

IEEE Sensors Journal

Sensor Review

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Biochemistry

Analytical Methods

Science and Engineering Ethics

Key word: telemetry


Technical 1

Technical 2

Technical 3

Technical 4

Technical 5

Technical 6

Technical 7

Technical 8

Technical 9

Technical 10

Technical 11

Technical 12

Technical 13

Technical 14

Cell/Systems/Synthetic Biology Methods



Social 2

Social 3



"In vivo sensor/sensing"

"In vivo instrumentation"

"Smallest antenna"

"Molecular antenna"

"Antenna Theory"

"Electrostatic/electrical properties of cells"

Search Terms from Abshire Paper:

cell viability, biolabs-on-a-chip, cell monitoring, CMOS biosensors, cell clinics, CMOS/MEMS hybrid microsystems, living cells, integrated sensors, extracellular signal amplification, cell-substrate capacitance sensing, contact imaging, fluorescence detection, bio-amplifier, extracellular potentials, electrically active cells, capacitance sensor, cell adhesion