Matt Gethers/20.380 HIV Project/Meeting Notes/3.11.09 Presentation Preparation

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3.11.09 Presentation Preparation


Matt's Slides

Potential Questions (Some addressed in discussion)

  1. MTT Assay for cell viability?
  2. Metabolism of analog into potentially harmful molecule (KP-1212 is a metabolite of DHAC, something used as a chemotherapeutic). 5-OH-dC could be metabolized to 5-OH-Uracil or Uracil glycol (not particularly harmful, but modifies nucleotide pool).
  3. p24 vs. Viral titer discrepancy?
  4. MOI: virus to cell?
  5. CEM, CHO, MT-2 cells?
  6. Why viral inhibition higher at 10 μl than 100 μl (page 4).
  7. Increased sensitivity to drugs when passaged with KP-1212.
  8. KP-1461: never mentioned after title?