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New Employees: Welcome to the lab. You will need to meet with the following people as soon as possible. Please call them to arrange an appointment at your earliest convenience. 1. Human Resources – Alison Leaton- Benefits Specialist- 5CC ext. 8-6725 2. Linda Wolfe – Director of Safety – WI529 ext. 8-5156 3. Guichy Waller –Lab Manager (Matsudaira Lab) ext. 8-5281 Naomi Cohen – Lab Manager (Lodish Lab) ext. ext. 8-5227 4. Naomi Cohen – Safety Representative (Lodish Lab) ext. 8-5227 Valeriya Baru –Safety Representative (Matsudaira Lab) ext. 5-5281

Orientation for UROPS and Grad Students

Orientation currently takes place every Monday (or Tuesday if the Monday is a holiday.)

At least a week before you start, please see Bob Burger to give him information he will need to fill out f the form that is a prerequisite for safety training.

You need to attend the first possible orientation. One session involves access issues; the photo for the WI ID is taken at this time.

A tour of the lab is scheduled next, but the specifics should be arranged with Lera or a safety rep who will sign off on the safety training page. Yelena or Guichy (evacuation coordinators) should also sign off on the sheet for evacuation compliance.

There is then the safety training. It is important to get the safety trainer to sign off on form so that after hours access can be allowed. Signatures from the safety officer and others should also be obtained.

There is IT training that will get you email password and access to the server.

Please note: If UROPs wish to work after hours, a special letter has to be written by your PI.

General Policy when hiring UROP’s Matusdaira UROP policy –Please be sure to obtain the PI’s authorization and then notify Guichy Waller –lab manager Lodish lab - please notify Naomi Cohen. UROPs must have a lab orientation before they start to do any bench work

New Employee Orientation Contacts: Amanda Tibbetts Human Resources Officer 5CC-Room 791, Ext: 8-7277 or

For assistance on employee benefits matters: Alison Leaton Benefits Specialist 5CC-Room 791, Ext: 8-6725 or

For assistance with visa and immigration procedures: Mary Mayotte Immigration Specialist 5CC-Room 785, Ext: 8-7106 or

For assistance with ID & Access cards & key distribution: Eileen Laughridge Administrative Assistant, Physical Plant Department 9CC-Room 165, Ext: 8-7441 or

For assistance with Environmental Health & Safety Training schedule or work station ergonomics: Sharon Fligg Administrative Assistant 9CC-Room 529, Ext: 8-5212 or

Employee Information Sheet: Attached is an employee information sheet. Upon your employment please fill out this form and bring it to your Lab Administrator for necessary contact information.

Key Request: To obtain new or replacement keys, complete the Access & Key Request form which is included in this packet. Send the form to 9CC Reception for approval signatures. You will be contacted when your keys are ready. Individuals should report the loss of a key to Pam Dvorak. A new Access & Key Request form will then need to be completed.

ID’s: Anyone appointed to or hired by Whitehead Institute will be issued a WI ID card. ID cards are to be visible at all times when entering or working in all WI facilities (Nine Cambridge Center and Five Cambridge Center). Anyone without a WI ID card will be required to sign in and out at Reception. A one-day temporary Visitor’s badge will be issued. WI ID cards are the property of the Institute. They are assigned to individuals who are responsible for their safekeeping. They may not be loaned or given to any other person. WI ID cards must be returned when you leave the Institute. Missing or lost cards must be reported to Physical Plant (258-7441) immediately. Access: Anyone with a WI ID Card will have access to all WI facilities during normal working hours, including Five Cambridge Center. After-hours access is contingent on completion of Safety Orientation Training.

After-Hours Access: Safety Orientation Training is compulsory for anyone issued a WI ID Card and is a requirement for after-hours access i.e. access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*. See table below for after-hours access eligibilty. Once training has been completed submit Safety Orientation Training form to Physical Plant (Rm 165 at 9CC) for processing. ∑ After-Hours Access for UROPs requires a request from the PI/Supervisor. Be sure to inform your Lab Manager (Guichy Waller/Naomi Cohen) when UROP after-hour access has been approved. After-hours access for temporary workers, contractors, consultants, and student rotations may be restricted at PI/Supervisor’s request.

  1. For after-hours access to 5CC contact 5CC Reception at 8-5114.

Office Supplies: Offices supplies are ordered from the vendor WB Mason. The basic office supplies are available for you in the following rooms: Matsudaira Lab - in the back room of 661 Lodish Lab – back room of 601. Paper Folders Binders Pens/Pencils/Highlighters Notebooks CDs, DVD’s and Zip disks (above Macall’s desk in 661) Whiteout Post-It Notes Staples/Paper Clips And most other things . . . check the office before ordering it If you need anything over and above what you find there, ask Macall Coombs for the WB Mason catalog and fill out a requisition form to place the order. Please take only what you need and if you notice taking the last of something please let Macall (8-9772) know.

6th Floor Supplies and Responsibilities Items that the 6th Floor supplies: Lab Supplies (Located in 632, the supply room across from the lunch room.) Pipet Tips (10, 20/200, 1000 ml) Kimwipes Petri Dishes Conical Tubes (15ml, 50ml) Pastuer pipets Saran Wrap Aluminum Foil Parafilm Labeling Tape Razor Blades Needles and Syringes (In room 676; each lab has a key) Dry ice: Located out side of 680 Acids: Located in 655 for Lindquist lab and 660 for floor supplies Organic Solvents: Located in Solvent Storage Room, Room 616


COMPUTER AND OFFICE SUPPLIES: Macall (Matsudaira, Lodish Labs) CONICAL TUBES (15 and 50 ml): Tsering (Glasswashing) GENERAL SOLVENTS/ALCOHOL: (Bartel Lab) KIM WIPES: (Glasswashing) LABELING TAPE: (Matsudaira Lab) NEEDLES & SYRINGES: (Lindquist Lab) PARAFILM: (Matsudaira Lab) PASTEUR PIPETS: (Media) PETRI DISHES: (Glasswashing) PIPET TIPS: (Bartel Lab) RAZOR BLADES: (Matsudaira Lab) SARAN WRAP/ ALUMINUM FOIL: (Glasswashing)


HALLWAY FAX AND COPIER: Macall Coombs CENTRIFUGES: Yelena Freyzon (Matsu Lab) Andreas Herrlich (Lodish Lab) Sara Cullinan (Lindquist Lab)

		        	Uli Muller (Sorvall RC 5 plus; Bartel Lab)	

DARKROOM (ROOM 608B): Jing Xhang (Lodish Lab) LIGHT SCATTERING: Pete Tessier (Lindquist Lab) PLATE READER: Chris Hug (Lodish Lab) SONICATOR: Chris Hug (Lodish) and Jim Shorter (Lindquist) Labs SPECTROPHOTOMETERS: Chanseok Shin (Bartel Lab) JASCO CD: Julie Su (Lindquist Lab) Milli-Q H20: Ndubuisi Azubuine (Media) WARM ROOMS 674, 674A: Sven Heinrich (Linquist Lab) LODISH WARM ROOM 618: Moonhyoung Um

Xerox/Copy Machine: In order to use the Xerox machine it is necessary to enter a code. The Matsudaira lab code is 258401. Lodish lab code is 258222. You can use any Xerox machine in the building with this code. If you encounter any technical problems with this machine on the 6th floor please contact Macall (ext. 8-9772) There is also a Xerox machine in the Supply Room in 661 for your use. Fax Machine: Fax machine in the Hallway of the 6th Floor Labs 617-258-6691 Fax machine located in the office area in 661 617-258-7226 Fax machine located in back of Lodish office area 601: 617-258-6768 Both fax machines are available for your use. Instructions: Put the fax face down : Domestic fax press 9-1-area code-number start International fax: 9-011-country code-number-start The fax machine does not send a confirmation fax that it was received but will send a return fax if it is not received

Reserving Conference Rooms: 6th Floor Conference Room: The Conference Room on the 6th Floor has a schedule listed outside the door of the room. This schedule lists the times the room is reserved on an ongoing basis. You may reserve any open time by placing a small post-it note with the date, time and contact information on the day that you are reserving the room. Further instructions are specified on the form outside of the conference room. Other 9CC Conference Rooms: Most conference rooms can be booked through Oracle Calendar. Sign into the Calendar, go to file>Agenda>Open, At Open Agenda for: type in “r:” Scroll the list of conference rooms, if time/space is available click on the desired time and be sure to fill out all the appropriate information. AV equipment can be reserved for meetings in same manner described above for the conference room reservations. For further instructions and information please refer to the link below: If you have questions please speak with your Lab Administrator

Work Orders: Submission: Emergency work requests should be called in to: 258-5124. Matsudaira lab – routing work orders are placed through Macall Coombs. If you need to place a work order please send Macall a detailed email indicating the problem, the location and contact information. Lodish lab – routine work orders are placed through Claire Kitidis. If you place one directly - do this by e-mailing Pam Dvorak in Facilities and let Claire know

Types of requests that Physical Plant completes Routine requests such as replacing light bulbs, adjusting thermostats, unclogging sinks, repairing small leaks, installing phone/keyboard tray/outlets, repairing lab/scientific equipment.

Special requests such as moving assistance, equipment relocation, construction projects, special set ups. Urgent requests such as flooding, gas smells, heat and hot water problems, overflowing toilets, emergency custodial clean-up, door closure and lock problems.

Mail: Incoming mail: Matsudaira lab -Incoming mail delivered for both Matsudaira and Ehrlich labs daily around Noon to 661. Each of you should have a mailbox located in the hallway outside of room 661.

Lodish lab members each have a mail folder in one of two hanging file boxes located in front of Mary Anne’s desk in 601.

Mail will be distributed to these mailboxes on a daily basis.

Outgoing Mail: Outgoing mail is delivered downstairs to the appropriate area at 5:00pm on a daily basis. Matsudaira lab - You may leave your ready to be delivered, stamped/metered outgoing mail in the wooden “OUTGOING MAIL” box in room 661. Lodish outgoing mail, including interdepartmental mail, should be left in the space between the two mail folders in front of Mary Anne’s desk. Matsudaira lab- Whitehead envelops and various sized white and manila envelopes can be found in the 661 stock/copy room Lodish lab: Whitehead envelops and mail supplies are located behind office area 601.

Interdepartmental Mail: Interdepartmental mail may also be left in the outgoing mail box in room 661 and will be distributed to the 1st Floor mail room at 5:00 for next day delivery. Be sure to use an interoffice envelope. These are located behind the administrative desks in 661 (Help Yourself). Clearly label the recipients name, building number and room number along with sender’s information.

Mail Machine/Fed Ex:

Matsudaira lab -The fed ex supplies are located in the office supply room 661 . The US and International Airbills can be obtained from Macall. Lodish lab – Fed Ex supplies and airbills are located in back of the office area 601. The mail machine is also located in the respective office supply room. If you have any questions or would like someone to give you a demo please talk to Macall. There are also instructions attached to the wall behind the machine for your use.

Matsudaira Lab Orders/Purchase Requisition: Procedure: Each order MUST be accompanied by a requisition for which can be found at the following link: Please type all portions of the requisition form: Please see the attached example: (Guichy’s req form) Bring completed form to Macall and place in requisition box. Lodish Lab Orders/Purchase Requisition: Procedure: Lodish ordering is done using a Filemaker Pro database. New lab members will be given a training session on how to use this database to place orders. A detailed instruction sheet is posted next to the two computers in the Computer Rm. 617 from which these forms can be generated. (Please see the Attached Example) Forms must be placed in the inbox to the left of the mail folders in front of Mary Anne’s desk in Rm. 601. Matsudaira and Lodish LABS - Orders received before 10:00 am will be processed the same day. Any orders placed after 10:00 am will be processed the following workday. Typically allow 2-3 business days for delivery. If you notice a delay in your order please contact Macall Coombs, who will help to locate your order.

Instructions on completing Whitehead requisitions 1. Date of request 2. Vendor information- The vendor name is sufficient (no acronyms please) 3. Requested by- Your name 4. Institute phone- Your extension 5. Date required – Please fill in a date that is 10 or more calendar days from the requisition date. (Rush orders create more work and are more costly, please keep them to a minimum) 6. Room number-The room to which the delivery will be made 7. Deliver to- This is the person who will receive the delivery 8. Type- This should be left blank 9. Comments- Optical section where you can include notes to the Purchasing as to how the order should be processed. Possible notes would be “FAX order”, “call-in order”, “quote#”, etc. 10. Line Number- This is a three-digit number that corresponds to each item that you order (i.e. 001 for the first item, 002 for the second, ect.). Please note that all items listed in this section must be obtainable from the same vendor. If you need two items that are available from two different vendors, you must fill out two requisition forms. 11. Quantity- This must have two decimal places, e.g. if you are ordering two of something, fill in 2.00 12. Unit-Most common units of measure are (box, pkg, case, each.btl, unit, etc.) 13. Commodity code- If you do not know the commodity code, leave it blank. 14. Catalogue # 15. Unit cost- Must have two decimal places (e.g. 3.50for $3.50) 16. Description – short description of item, please include the unit amount (4/box, 6/pkg, 25mg, etc) 17. Plase be sure to indicate the appropriate category i.e. Matsu, General (Matsu/Ehrlich) or Floor

Contacting IT: The best way to contact the IT Department is usually to send an email to The general tech support number is x8-5134. Please see the attached list of IT staff and contact information

Travel: Complete details of Whitehead Institute travel policy can be found at the following site: If you will be traveling for work or a conference please be sure to read this information carefully. There are 2 different forms that you should be aware of. Both can be found at this link: 1. The TA form – Travel Authorization Form (please see the example at the following link: ) This form should be filled out as soon as you know about your trip. You can just give an estimate for the various expenses including airfare and other transportation, lodging, food, registration fees. This should be signed by you and then be given to your Lab Administrator. More detailed information about Travel Authorization forms can be found on the site:

2. The TER form – Travel Expense Report (please see the example at the following link: ) This form should be filled out after the travel has been completed. Be sure to attach all necessary and corresponding receipts in a clear, concise manner. This should be signed by you and be given to your Lab Administrator. Typical turnaround time is 7-10 days. More detailed information about the Travel Expense Report can be found on the site:

Check Request: If you need to be reimbursed for goods or services that you purchased for Whitehead related use please be sure to fill out CHECK REQUEST from. (Please see the example at the following link: ). Fully complete the Check Request form and attach all necessary receipts to a separate sheet of paper. Please sign the form and bring to your Lab Administrator. Typicall turnaround time is 7-10 days. More detailed information about the Check Request Form can be found on the site:

Group Meeting: Matsudaira Group meeting is a weekly meeting which takes place in the 6th Floor Conference Room on Wednesdays from 3-4:30 pm. All lab members are required to attend. Each week an assigned member of the lab will give a presentation regarding their current work. The slides, notes, etc should be emailed to Paul Matsudaira for review by the Friday prior to their specific presentation. Lodish Group meetings are held in the 6th Floor Conference Room on Wednesdays from 10 am-12 noon. All lab members are required to attend. Each week an assigned member of the lab will give a presentation regarding their current work.

Individual Lab Meeting; There is a rotating schedule for 30minute individual lab meetings with Paul Matsudaira. You will be updated and notified as to days and times.


Some Basic Lab Rules: Matsudaira lab - ∑ Everyone has a job in the lab. The assignments are updated every fall or as needed. ∑ People in charge of ordering something, are responsible to check that we are always stocked with the item(s) and to put them away where they belong. If you see that something is running low, contact the person in charge. There are lists of lab responsibilities in all the lab bays; if you still have a question, just ask ∑ DO NOT leave empty boxes in our plastics supply room; just place it in the hallway outside the room. ∑ For common chemicals like protease inhibitors, antibodies (labeled and unlabeled), storage boxes, etc. The rule of thumb is that the person that opens the last bottle or uses the last aliquot or the supply is getting low, he/she HAS to order that item immediately ∑ Make sure that you close well all fridges and freezers. Sometimes the freezers/fridges under the benches are left open ∑ Regarding the – 80 freezers, Try to minimize the time that the door is kept opened because too much ice builds up around the individual doors (this is true for all freezers in the lab as well). Because we have a lot of delicate samples and some stuff that is difficult to replace, we need to limit the number of people that can get into the –80 freezers; NO UROP is allowed to go into our –80 freezers ∑ Everyone has space allocated in the –20 and –80 freezers. Please use only the space assign to you. If you need more space, TALK TO GUICHY and we’ll find a solution

Lodish lab - Lab jobs. Every lab member is required to participate in general lab maintenance. There is a list of lab jobs; each job is given a number of points depending on the amount of time and effort it entails. To be sure that everyone assumes an equal share of responsibility, the total number of points for all jobs is divided by the number of lab members. Each lab member must assume responsibilities that add up to the requisite number of points. Lab jobs are assigned once a year, usually in the fall. When leaving the lab, people are required to pass their job on to another lab member, giving them (either verbally or in writing) any instructions necessary to carry it on effectively.

DEPARTURE CHECK LIST People leaving the Matudaira lab are asked to leave their desk, bench and all other areas of the lab and Institute that they now occupy, clean and ready to be occupied by the next researcher. The following checklist provides guidelines to follow and reminders of details easily overlooked. Please allow yourself enough time to complete this checkout. It always takes more time than you think it will!

1. Notify Guichy and Bob (lab administrator) of your expected departure date. The lab administrator will notify the Whitehead Administration, who may have additional check-out requirements. These will probably include turning in: ID card, building entry pass card, and all keys.

2. Clean your lab bench and desk area.

3. Reagents: Be sure to allow enough time to get rid of all of them. Donate them to people who will take them away ASAP. Place them on display for people to scavenge until a final date, by which time you will dispose of them. Dispose of the contents in a NON-HAZARDOUS, SAFE MANNER. If you have any questions about how to proceed, check with Lera. Rinse bottles clean of any hazardous chemicals and peel off any labels.

4. Plates: give away unused plates or media to people who want them. Clear out all plates at lab bench, cold rooms, refrigerators and any plates or flasks in incubators.

5. Check other locations for your personal reagents (hoods, cold rooms). If another person wants them they should re-label them with their own name. If not, throw them out.

6. Cold room: All plates, racks of tubes, and other material on your shelf and elsewhere should be removed.

7. Freezers: Give Yelena a complete list and location of all cell lines and constructs. Give Guichy a complete list and location of purified proteins.

8. Notify the computer group that you will be leaving the Institute.

9. Leave your forwarding address with Macall, along with instructions about what to do with your mail.