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Marcio G. von Muhlen

  • My goal is to positively impact society by leveraging technology to create wealth (yes, it's pretty vague at the moment).
  • I have a B.S. in Bioengineering with an emphasis in computational biology from UC Berkeley, awarded on 5/2005. While there, I worked under Prof. Daniel Fletcher for 2 years on a needle free drug delivery device.
  • I'm currently in the PhD program in MIT's Biological Engineering Department, working with Prof Scott Manalis. I am doing experimental work with a label free, microfluidic biomolecular detector. I am very interested in effective, efficient health care solutions from the molecular to the societal scale.
  • I enjoy biking (including my 2 miles commuting every day from central square to 20 Ames st), soccer, skiing and swimming. I have a passion for contrarian, quantitative thinking. I recently started my home page.