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Using the new Epson V700 Scanner

  • For Hypocotyls
    • Be sure to remove the reflective panel from the lid. (If you look at the underside of the lid and see glass you are OK).
    • Click on "EPSON Scan" in Applications
    • Use the following settings:
      • Professional Mode
      • Document Type: Film (with Film Area Guide)
      • Film Type: Positive Film
      • Image Type: 8-bit Grayscale
      • Resolution: 600 dpi
      • Target Size: Original
      • Click on the Histogram button and set the following:
        • Input: 120 1.00 233
        • Output: 0 255
    • Click prescan to make sure that your image is in the scan area
    • Click scan

--Jnmaloof 18:17, 22 March 2010 (EDT)