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OpenWetWare Projects on Malaria

A list of OpenWetWare projects on Malaria:

Live replicating adenovirus malaria vaccine


  • Progenitor - pTG3602 - whole Ad5 genome with pPolyII linking ITRs. Cut with PacI to liberate infectious Ad5 DNA
    • pCP08 - Ad5 with NdeI site in fiber removed and lacZ from pUC19 stuck into NdeI site in hexon - hexon recombination plasmid
    • pCP05 - Ad5 with hexon deletion (15671bp-25290bp) - fiber recombination plasmid
    • pCP03 - Ad5 with NdeI site in fiber removed - hexon recombination plasmid

all plasmids are AmpR


  • Ad5 full genome capsid display mutants
    • CS (circumsporozoite antigent) mutants
      • Gk2 - HVR1 (NANP)5 subsitution
      • GKIII-2 - HVR5 T* insertion between hexon AAs 272 and 273
  • Ad5 late gene expression mutants
    • LSA3 (liver stage antigen 3)
      • FFH3 - hexon splice aceptor