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Chromosome Conformation Capture (3C)

Author: Richard Joh

Effective date: Mar 27 2012

Description: The chemical fume hood is designed to provide a safe environment for working with noxious and/or volatile chemicals. It is not designed to provide an environment for conducting biological experiments.

Potential Safety Issues: Chemical exposure from improper operation.

Startup Procedure:

  1. Ensure that air is flowing through the hood prior to use.
  2. Turn the light on in the hood using the light switch found on the left side of the hood.
  3. Lift the hood’s sash up 9-12 inches to allow room to work in the hood.

Shutdown Procedure:

  1. Ensure that all chemicals are put away and the hood is clean.
  2. Lower the hood’s sash to about 1-2 inches above the floor of the hood.
  3. Turn on the hood’s light using the light switch found on the left side of the hood.

In the Event of a Power or Airflow Loss: Discontinue use of the hood and shut it down.

Monitoring Required: The chemical hood must be inspected and validated annually. The chemical hood is also inspected weekly by the student safety coordinator.