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Descriptions of Locations

Shelf the shelves located above the media making station
Cupboard the large glass cupboards facing the media making station
Side Shelf the shelves underneath the windows
Chemical Hood 1 underneath the chemical hood to the right of the main entrance
Chemical Hood 2 underneath the chemical hood to the left of the main entrance
Drawer the drawers underneath the media making station
Large Fridge (4C) the large fridge between the large cupboards and secondary entrance
Small Fridge (4C) the small fridge underneath the center bench
Large Freezer (-20C) the -20C freezer next to Chemical Hood 1
Small Freezer (-20C) the small freezer underneath the right bench
Freezer (-80C) the -80C freezer next to Chemical Hood 2


Name Location Catalog #
2-Mercaptoethanol Shelf
2-Phenylethanol ?
20X SSC Buffer Shelf
Acetic acid Chemical Hood 2
Acetone Chemical Hood 2
Adenine Shelf
Ammonium acetate Shelf
Ammonium bicarbonate Shelf
Ammonium sulfate Shelf
Ampicillin Large Freezer (-20C)
Bacto agar Shelf
Bacto yeast extract Shelf
BSA fraction V, RNase/DNase-free Large Freezer (-20C)
Buffer for pH meter Shelf
Butyl Alcohol Chemical Hood 2
Calcium chloride dihydrate Shelf
CarGille Immersion Oil DF Microscope room drawer
Chloramphenicol Shelf
CYCLOHEXIMIDE Large Freezer (-20C), Shelf
DAPI / 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole Large Freezer (-20C)
D(+)-Galactose Shelf
D-Glycogen ?
Dextran sulfate Shelf
Dextrose Shelf
Dimethylsulfoxide Shelf
Dithiothreitol Small Fridge (4C)
Doxycycline Small Fridge (4C)
Ethidium bromide Small Fridge (4C)
Ethyl alcohol Chemical Hood 2
Ethylenedinitrotetraacetic acid disodium salt ?
Formaldehyde 37% in water Chemical Hood 2
Formamide Chemical Hood 2
Gentamycin sulfate Shelf
Glycerin Shelf
Glycine Shelf
Hepes free acid Shelf
Hydrochloric acid Chemical Hood 1
IPTG Large Freezer (-20C)
Isopropyl Alcohol Chemical Hood 2
L-(+)-ArGinine Monohydrochloride Shelf
L-(+)-Histidine Shelf
L-Aspartic acid Shelf
L-Glutamic acid monosodium salt monohydrate Shelf
L-Isoleucine Shelf
L-Leucine Shelf
L-Lysine Monohydrate Shelf
L-Methionine Shelf
L-Phenylalanine Shelf
L-Threonine Shelf
L-Tryptophan Shelf
L-Tyrosine disodium salt, dihydrate Shelf
L-Valine Shelf
Lactic acid, 85% in water Chemical Hood 2
Lithium acetate Shelf
Lithium chloride Shelf
Low Melting Agarose Shelf
Magnesium Acetate, tetrahydrate Shelf
Magnesium Chloride Shelf
Manganese Chloride, Tetrahydrate Shelf
methanol Chemical Hood 2
MOPS Shelf
N,N-Dimethylformamide Chemical Hood 2
NITRIC ACID Chemical Hood 1
NP 40 Shelf
Peptone Shelf
Petroleum ether Chemical Hood 2
Phenol/Tris buffered solution Small Fridge (4C)
Phenolchloroform Small Fridge (4C)
Phosphoric acid Chemical Hood 1
Piperazine1,4bis(2-ethanesulfonic acid) Shelf
Poly-L-lysine Hydrobromide ?
Polyethylene Glycol 3350 Shelf
Potassium Acetate Shelf
Potassium Chloride Shelf
Raffinose, 5-Hydrate Shelf
Ribonucleic acid (RNA) ?
Rubidium chloride Shelf
Sodium Azide Shelf
Sodium Bicarbonate Shelf
Sodium Chloride Shelf
Sodium deoxycholate ?
Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Shelf
Sodium Hydroxide Shelf
Sorbitol Shelf
SYBR Green I nucleic acid gel stain in DMSO Large Freezer (-20C)
Tris Shelf
Tris-HCl Shelf
Triton Shelf
Tryptone Shelf
Tryptophol Shelf
Tween 20 Shelf
Uracil Shelf
Urea Shelf
Vanadyl Ribonucleoside ?
Water Shelf
X-Gal Large Freezer (-20C)
YNB without amino acids Shelf
Bradford reagent Small Fridge (4C)
Orange G Small Fridge (4C)
Lyticase Small Fridge (4C)
L-Canavanine Sulfate Small Fridge (4C)
Phenol:Chloroform Small Fridge (4C)
FA lysis buffer Small Fridge (4C)
Sol I (Miniprep) Small Fridge (4C)
Sol III (Miniprep) Small Fridge (4C)
Proteinase K Large Freezer (-20C)
CelLytic Large Freezer (-20C)
Protease Inhibitor Cocktail Large Freezer (-20C)
Ligase Large Freezer (-20C)
Antarctic phosphatase Large Freezer (-20C)
DNAse I Large Freezer (-20C)
M-MulV reverse transcriptase Large Freezer (-20C)
DNA ladder Large Freezer (-20C)
Protein ladder Large Freezer (-20C)
T4 polynucleotide kinase Large Freezer (-20C)
RNAse A Large Freezer (-20C)
Yeast extract Shelf

Lab Supplies

Name Location
Microtube (1.5mL) Cupboard
Tips (1mL) Cupboard
Tips (300uL) Cupboard
Tips (10uL) Cupboard
Graduated cylinder Cupboard
Beaker Cupboard
Flask (25mL, 50mL, 2L)) Cupboard
Flask (2.8L, wide for cell culture) Cupboard
YPD plate Cupboard
SD dropout plate Cupboard
SPO plate Cupboard
Test tube (Small) Cupboard
Test tube (Large) Cupboard
Test tube cap Drawer
Weighing paper Drawer
Weighing dishes Drawer
Serological pipet (25mL) Drawer
Serological pipet (10mL) Drawer
Serological pipet (5mL) Drawer
Petri dishes Left window bench's drawer
Glass beads, acid-washed Right window bench
MF75 Vacuum Filter Units Cupboard
Falcon tube (50mL) Cupboard
Falcon tube (15mL) Cupboard
Syringe Drawer
Syringe filter (0.45um, 0.2um) Cupboard
PCR tube Cupboard
Racks Side Shelf
Tips (Autoclaved) Side Shelf
Toothpick (Autoclaved) Side Shelf
Sticks (Autoclaved) Side Shelf
Deep well plate (Autoclave) Side Shelf
Reservoir of multi-channel pipettes Cupboard
Gloves Cupboard
Amino acid solution (dropout) Large Fridge (4C)
TB amp plate Large Fridge (4C)
LB plate Large Fridge (4C)
5' FOA plate Large Fridge (4C)
YPD G418 plate Large Fridge (4C)
Bottles Cupboard
96 well plate Right sink
SDS PAGE equipment Shelf next to the whiteboard
Western blot equipment Shelf next to the whiteboard
Tool box Side Shelf
semi-micro cuvettes Side Shelf
Aluminum wrap Shelf next to the whiteboard
Plastic wrap Shelf next to the whiteboard

Stocks and Common Reagents

Name Location
Bacteria stock Freezer (-80C)
Yeast stock Freezer (-80C)
Vector stock Large Freezer (-20C)
dNTP mix Large Freezer (-20C)
ssDNA Large Freezer (-20C)
Ampicillin stock Large Freezer (-20C)
Restriction Enzyme Large Freezer (-20C)
Restriction Enzyme Buffer Large Freezer (-20C)
Poly lysine Large Freezer (-20C)
TOP 10 competent cell Freezer (-80C)
K12 competent cell Freezer (-80C)