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Long-term Duties


Currently: Katie Quinn

Computer Guru

Currently: Nick Wren

Web/Wiki Master

Currently: Tek Hyung Lee


Currently: Bradley Niesner, Richard Joh

Inventory & Microscope

Currently: C.J. Zopf

Social Chair

Currently: Shawn Finney-Manchester

Rotating Duties (2-month rotation)

Ordering/Autoclave Biological Waste


  • Every day, items that are written on the white board in the office should be ordered and a check placed next to the item. When the item arrives, erase the item from the board.
  • When items arrive, stock the shelves and bring the packing slip to the Administrative Services Office in 8-328 (weekly at least).
  • Once a week, the following stocks need to be checked and any low or missing items should be ordered. A printable list of the commonly ordered items below and their VWR catalog numbers is available here.
  • For urgent supplies, any catalog number followed by "SR" can be purchased in the stockroom in 56-070 (though the catalog numbers often represent bulk packages, the stockroom usually has smaller quantities or different brands).

Lab Supplies

Name Location VWR Catalog # (SR) Reorder?
Filter pipettor tips (1mL) Above cupboard 10011-350 (SR)
Filter pipettor tips (200μL) Above cupboard 10011-356 (SR)
MF75 Vacuum Filter Units (500mL) Above cupboard 28199-177
MF75 Vacuum Filter Units (250mL) Above cupboard 28199-123
Microtube (1.5mL) Cupboard 10011-700 (SR)
Pipettor tips (1mL) Cupboard 89100-006 (SR)
Pipettor tips (300μL) Cupboard 89100-002 (SR)
Pipettor tips (10μL) Cupboard 89100-000 (SR)
Test tube (13x100mm) Cupboard 47729-572
Test tube (16x125mm) Cupboard 47729-578
Falcon tube (50mL) Cupboard 21008-951 (SR)
Falcon tube (15mL) Cupboard 21008-918 (SR)
Syringe filter (0.45μm) Cupboard 28145-481 (SR)
PCR strip tubes Cupboard 12000-206
Reservoir for multi-channel pipettor Cupboard 89094-676
Cryogenic vials Cupboard 66021-974 (SR)
Gloves (Large blue) Cupboard 89094-676 (SR)
Gloves (Large black) Cupboard 94001-370 (SR)
Gloves (Medium black) Cupboard 94001-368 (SR)
Gloves (Small black) Cupboard 94001-366 (SR)
Freezer storage boxes Side shelf 82007-162 (SR)
Plastic syringes (10mL) Side shelf BD309604
Plastic syringes (30mL) Side shelf BD309650
Serological pipet (25mL) Media station cabinet 53300-567
Serological pipet (10mL) Media station cabinet 357551
Serological pipet (5mL) Media station cabinet 53300-421
Petri dishes (100x15mm) Left window bench cabinet 25384-094 (SR)
200 Proof EtOH (Solvent Room E25-169 10:30PM~12:00PM) Under fume hood 2 EM-EX0276-3S (SolventR)
Phenol-Chloroform-Isoamyl Alcohol Small 4ºC refrigerator PI17908 (SR)
Aluminum foil Shelf next to the whiteboard 89079-070 (SR)
Plastic wrap Shelf next to the whiteboard 89136-664 (SR)
Razors Shelf next to the whiteboard 55411-050 (SR)
Common enzymes (HF preferred) -20C freezer
Zymoclean DNA Recovery Kit (200 preps) Shelf next to the whiteboard 100554-366
Zymoclean DNA Rec. Spin columns only (250) Shelf next to the whiteboard 100554-342
  • Common enzymes should also be checked once a week, and most can be purchased through the stockroom. The enzyme boxes in the -20 are labeled with all common enzymes on the lid. If we are out of an enzyme, its well will be empty. Any duplicate unopened enzymes should remain in their packages and be placed next to the enzyme boxes. Order the HF (high fidelity) version of the enzyme if it exists to facilitate double digests.

Autoclave Biological Waste

The non-sharp biological waste bags need to be removed from their bins and autoclaved before they can be thrown in the regular trash. See the protocol here

Liquid media

Common media and solutions to make and autoclave:


Common media plates to make:

Autoclaving tips

Autoclave and stock shelves

  • pipette tips (10μL, 200μL, 1000μL)

Autoclaving can be done on dry cycle: 20 min sterilize/20 min dry


Either by hand or using dishwasher in the autoclave room, wash the common dishes:

  • Media/solution bottles and caps
  • Erlenmeyer flasks
  • Test tube caps

Autoclaving culture tubes and flasks

Autoclave to restock sterile:

  • Test tubes with clean caps (13x100mm blue cap, 16x150mm green cap)
  • 250mL Erlenmeyer flasks with aluminum foil caps

Autoclaving can be done on dry cycle: 20 min sterilize/20 min dry

Autoclaving small items

Autoclave and stock shelves:

  • microcentrifuge tubes
  • toothpicks
  • applicators
  • 96-well deep well plates

Autoclaving can be done on dry cycle: 20 min sterilize/20 min dry