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For 500mL:

1. Dissolve 121g of Tris in 350mL of water.

2. Add 28.6mL of Glacial acetic acid

3. Add 50mL of 0.5M EDTA


For 1L:

1. Dissolve 175.3g of NaCl, 88.2g of sodium citrate in 900mL of water

2. pH to 7.0 with HCl

3. Mix

10% SDS

For 1L:

1. In a chemical fume hood, dissolve 100of SDS in 1L of water

2. Filter sterilize if needed


For 1L:

1. Dissolve 186.10g of EDTA Disodium salt in 700mL of water

2. Adjust pH to 8.0 with NaOH. EDTA won't dissolve unless the pH is right.

3. QS to 1L

1M Tris pH 7.9

For 1L:

1. Dissolve 121.1g Tris in 700mL water

2. Adjust to pH 7.9 with HCl (approx 45mL)

3. QS to 1L


For 1L:

In a chemical fume hood dissolve 400g of NaOH in a total of 1L

5X SDS-PAGE Buffer

For 1L:

1. Dissolve 15.1g of Tris base, 94g of Glycine, and 5g of SDS in 900mL of water

2. QS to 1L

Transfer Buffer for Western Blots

5X stock:

Tris base 15.15g

Glycine 72g

Water to 1L, store at room temperature

1X working solution (mix on the day of use):

5X stock 200mL

Water 500mL

Methanol 300mL

Chill at 4°C before use

Stripper for Western Blots

Acetic Acid 15mL

NaCl 14.6g

Water to 500mL, store at room temperature