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Lab Server



Nikon Ti-E


Microplate Incubator

Group Meeting

Fridays, 11am in AI 2142


Jan. 16th topics: journal club, lab duties, new lab in general (to do list, items we need, ...)

Jan. 30th: cold storage, equipment update, DNA oligos,

Journal Club

  • Nature (weekly) (Marcel)
  • Science (weekly) (Nicolas)
  • Cell (bi-weekly) (Alina)
  • PNAS (weekly) (Arun)
  • PLOS (bio + compbio)(monthly) (Alina)
  • Nature Methods (monthly) (Sylvie)
  • Nature Biotech (monthly) (Meltem)
  • Mol Sys Bio (monthly) (Sylvie)
  • Nucleic Acid Res (bi-weekly)
  • JACS (weekly) (Luis)
  • Lab on a Chip (monthly) (Meltem, Luis)
  • Analytical Chemistry (Luis)
  • PRL (Lina)
  • Nature Photonics (Lina)

Lab Duties

Webpages (Sebastian)

  • update content (Sebastian)
  • handle useraccounts (Sebastian)

Cold Storage (Nicolas)

  • organize storage -> Nicolas
  • defrost when necessary -> Nicolas

Common supply / Lab consumables

  • PDMS -> Nicolas
  • Chemicals & solvents -> Arun
  • pipette tips, gloves, cell culture PW, 15ml/50ml falcons, filters, syringes, eppendorf tubes, PCR -> Sylvie, Marcel

Equipment care (rotate, revisit)

  • Qarray2 / QPix2 / QFill -> Nicolas
  • ArrayWorx -> Marcel
  • Autoclave --> Sylvie
  • Millipore System, PDMS Spinner --> Arun

Chemical Inventory (Arun)

  • cont. update (Arun)
  • handle MSDS (Arun)

Lab Server (Nicolas)

  • manage backups
  • keep it running
  • manage user accounts
  • etc.

Mail and packaging material (garbage) (Rotation schedule: Arun, Sylvie, Nicolas, Marcel)


FTP server

Lab folder:


How to subscribe to our mailing list


Search Engines

Editing Wikis:


All Calendars

To Do List

  • Equipment to order:
    • Microplate Reader (SM)
      • Spectramax M2e or similar
    • Second Jenkons Incubator (SM)
    • High-content plate incubator (Nicolas and Sylvie)
    • Speed-Vac (SM)
  • Misc items to order:
    • Coffee machine (bean based machine, quote + expected cost, place)

Reading List


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