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McKinney Lab uses an ethernet thermometer from Papouch to monitor the temperature of our shaking incubator. I have written some simple CGI code to record temperatures from it and display them in a useful fashion. You will need the PyChart package installed in order for it to work properly.


Media:tmemonitor-20070320.tgz (This release is marked March 20, 2007, but it has already been running stably for us for about six months.)


(Reproduced from the archive above.)

This is a suite of programs to record data from the TME Ethernet thermometer. They need to be run as CGI scripts in a webserver, and have an SQLite database in the same directory containing at least the table given by:

CREATE TABLE temperatures (
timestamp default current_timestamp,
temperature real,
primary key(timestamp) );

The included files are:

  • README - this file
  • commit_temperature.cgi - A CGI script called by the thermometer to record temperatures
  • monitor.cgi - A CGI script called by the end user which displays a graph and history of the temperature at the thermometer (requires PyChart)
  • - A set of strings defining the appearance of the page returned by monitor.cgi, meant to be filled in with values using the % operator.

In monitor.cgi you will need to change the paths for temperature_database and sc riptpath at the top of the file. In commit_temperature.cgi, you just need to ch ange temperature_database.