MRNA stability stuff

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Really final edit. I mentioned Craig multiple times, since he probably has the easiest access to all the data on my hard drive. Other people are welcome to upload some of my old mangled code for the world to glory in.

almost last addition: This website has now become too annoying for me to use. I advise others to devise a new website that is less painful and more obvious to use.

You guys are being mean to me, making me wait.

In order to make you idle for a little while, you must talk to Craig in order to get two more papers and datasets (whine and make him put it up somewhere publicly so he doesn't have to be bothered more than once).

He can put up whatever he wants, but the first things people might be interested in would probably be the files in the ~/Documents

rna_paper, mrna_paper, phylo_papers are all starting points.

Some related python code and data are in ~/pymut and ~/mrna_seln

Some even less related python code is in python_scripts (mostly small stuff to help out friends)

If anyone else has python code I sent them over the last couple years, they should put them up (preferably indicating when they were last worked on)

I probably missed some more things, so Craig can dump any more info on the interwebs when he's interested