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This saturday, Decemeber 3rd is the International Day of Action on Global Warming.

Why does this matter to you?? According to some predictions for the effect of climate change here in Boston, the sea level will rise two to three feet over the next 100 years. This is big news for MIT; at that level a large storm will push floodwater over the dam and the Charles River will flood its banks--right into MIT's campus.

Here are some links to check out:

->> A map of the areas of Boston projected to be underwater in 2100

->> For information about the International Climate Talks, a continuation of the Kyoto negotiations, going on now in Montreal, click here

->> For a more thorough report, check out the CLIMB report: Climate's Longterm Effect on Metro Boston

->> You Can Fight Global Warming An interesting National Geographic article on the impact each individual can have

->> A SAVE upcoming events (and other ways to get involved) Global Warming Panel and Action Event here in Boston, Saturday December 3rd