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Brief List of Materials and Safety Procedures

EHS Procedure

From meeting with Carolyn Stahl:

  • If we finalize list of students ahead of time, Carolyn can check off their backgrounds, and Pam can create separate courses for each person and tell them what type of training they need.
    • We are setting a deadline for the class around 1/2.
    • First day of class is on 1/7.
    • Before 1st class, class "0" catches up everyone on basic biology
  • Everyone will need the following:
    • Hazardous waste (online)
    • General Chem (online)
    • Read chem hygiene plan (online)
    • General Bio (in class)
    • Lab specific (in class)
  • For in class training:
    • The powerpoint presentation can be sent out beforehand. The session will go much faster when the students have read them once.
    • Duration is approx. 45 min, max.
    • Have Carolyn come in on first day of lab meeting, when we're outlining all the rules
  • Set deadline for finishing tests. We'll tell them to take the tests before first day of class. Tests must be done by the first day of *real* lab (Day 4)
  • How long these tests last:
    • Hazwaste=1 year
    • lab-spec=1 year if same position
    • Genbio= 1 time
    • Genchem= 1 time
    • May need to read chem hygiene plan