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   * Life’s central dogma. What are the roles of DNA, mRNA, proteins?
         o DNA’s structure. DNA replication
          Transcription and translation mechanics
         o Proteins as phenotype
   * Introduction to genetic engineering principles
         o Plasmids & vectors vs. chromosomal DNA
         o Concepts behind restriction enzymes, gene transfer
         o Some historical examples: insulin, etc. 

   * Quick review of genetic engineering
   * Synthetic Biology
         o What’s new?
               + Bottom-up construction
               + Standardization: analogues to electrical circuits
         o BioBricks & the Registry
               + What’s in a BioBrick?
               + How can they be put together?
               + Where are they kept?
         o Emergent Circuit Complexity
               + Rational design
               + Circuit functions (and/or, NOR gates, feedback)
               + iGEM 
   * Teaser: You’re making a bacterial lamp!

   * Why E. coli?
         o E. coli biology and characterization
         o Safety and relative ease of use
   * Background on luciferase
         o Natural form
         o Extraction and isolation of gene. Registry entry
         o Short on biological mechanism
   * Background on Inducible Promoter (assuming AHL-luxR driven)
         o History of quorum sensing
         o Short on biological mechanism
   * Short on cloning technique sequence
         o Very, very broad. As in transform=put plasmid in cell.

• EHS Training, Mandatory • Need to complete on their own: gen chem, haz waste, read chem hygiene plan

   * Before anything is done, lab basics :]
         o Tour!
         o Hygiene and sterile techniques, safety
               + Burnboxes, safety shower, tips containers, ethanol/bleach/alconox
               + Review EHS training. Liquid/chemical/biosafety disposal
         o Pipet basics (how to hold one, pushing in a tip, liquid, tip removal)
               + Also brief foray into mechanical pipets
         o Flame. Why do we use it? How to use it?

   * Journal club/ speaker during down time with RE digest
   * (We phosphatase overnight)

   * (We will have back up RE digest products for gel extraction)
   * Journal club/ speaker after ligation

   * (We will have back up RE digest products for gel extraction)
   * Journal club/ speaker after ligation