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Students will work in 4-5 teams of two to perform a complete vector + insert BioBrick cloning step, including appropriate controls and diagnostics. Budget includes instructor design, preparation, and testing of planned laboratory. Lab will include appropriate safety training and will be in conjunction with lectures to explain principles and practices.

Funds sought: $1000

               Proposed Budget for IAP 2011 Synthetic Biology Class                      
1. Biobrick Kit (EcorI-HF, XbaI, SpeI, PstI, T4 ligase, buffers) $235
2. miniprep kits (kit of 50) $82
3. compotent cells (NEB 5alpha x 20) $173
4. Hyperladder I $95
5. SybrSafe $80
6. Sequencing budget (includes primers) $100
7. gloves, tips, tubes, plates, fireboy, other misc consumables $200
Total $965

               Estimated consumption from iGEM 2010 team supplies:                      
1. LB agar, LB broth, SOB, SOC, antibiotics $100
2. antartic dephosophatase $50
3. TAE, agarose, loading buffer for gels $100
4. enzymes for restriction mapping $100
Total $350

1. min-elute kit for gel extraction from Qiagen $108
- samples from our iGEM2010 sponsor -

Any remainders will pass to iGEM2011 team.

All sponsors will be acknowledged as 2011 team sponsors.