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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Paul -- MIT undergrad, 2011, Course 20 (bioengineering)

Feng -- MIT post-doc (Church Lab); undergrad at Harvard (chemistry & physics), doctorate at Stanford (neuroscience)

Cory -- MIT undergrad, 2012, Course 6 (EECS), may transfer to Course 20


  • Paul: would like more feedback on constitution ideas
    • Feng: formalize outline into an actual document
  • Paul: goes over mission statement
    • Feng: we should develop sample experiments for curious people
  • Feng: interested in making posters
  • Feng: what is membership currently?
    • Paul: 12 people on mailing list
  • Paul: should we have dues?
    • Feng: hold off on discussion, try to get other money
    • Cory: no one would join if we had dues
  • Paul: thoughts on keyholder policies?
    • Feng: seems fair to restrict to MIT students/affiliates
      • also consider liability concerns
      • would need to see what the interest in the group is like
    • Cory: easier to not worry about this yet
  • Cory: do you envision this being like the Edgerton Center or Hobby Shop, and anyone who gets trained can come in and do things?
    • Paul: that's a great comparison
    • Feng: yeah, maybe like those groups, but with a little more student involvement/oversight
    • Cory: would have to be a bit smaller
    • Feng: perhaps we should require a proposal before doing projects?
      • could be necessary for safety reasons anyway
    • Cory: Hobby Shop is funded by its members, which goes into hiring administrative people
      • our model would probably deviate from this
      • crazy idea -- local biotech companies as sponsors?
    • Paul: I'll look more into Edgerton/Hobby Shop models
  • Feng: would we have to limit the size of the group?
    • Paul: no idea; would prefer not to; would depend on constraints of EHS
  • Paul: what do you think about the proposed executive board structure?
    • Feng: might make sense to require the four officers to be students
      • definitely keep members-at-large as position for anyone willing to serve as an advisor
  • Cory: random idea -- any space in the new Koch cancer building?
  • Paul: ASA application deadline soon (two weeks!)
  • discussion of supplies/space requirements [below]
  • have next meeting in classroom (larger, whiteboard, easier to find)

List of supplies

  • flasks, beakers (glassware)
  • dishes
  • gloves
  • tips
  • goggles
  • pipettes
  • hot plates
  • tubes
  • waste containers (from EHS)
  • shaker

Space requirements

  • sink
  • gas lines
  • incubator access (ask politely from nearby labs?)