MIT: Responsible biological engineering

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This page will serve to aggregate information about promoting responsible biological engineering at MIT, and provide a forum to dicuss ideas and make new suggestions.


Synthetic Genomics Study (press announcement)


The BioBricks Foundation - one of stated goals: "Promotion of safety and ethical guidlines with respect to the development and use of engineered biological systems."

BioEthics courses

MIT currently offers a number of courses relating to Bioethics:

(not a complete list, please add)

"Responsible biological engineering" course requirement

A requirement for an ethics course (at undergraduate level, possibly at grad level too) has been suggested at the previous two BE graduate program retreats. I believe the rebuff to this request was that HASS requirements are set at the institute level. Have to look into this a little more, although BE is able to define two HASS CI-M subjects (Communication Intensive in the Major). These are intended to "teach the specific forms of written, oral, and/or visual communication appropriate to the field's professional and academic culture." Not sure how much leeway the department has with those. Should probably pursue this at both the department and institute levels.

Contact: Jason