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Molecules of Equivalent GFP (MEG)

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[Image:Cconboy-Flow Calibration.png|200px]

Fig.1. Spherotech yellow fluorescent particles (FP-0852-2) were calibrated to GFP copies per cell as measured by quantitative western blot. The data series "Cells" includes samples from four independent chemostat cultures. Each contained MC4100 with a plasmid-based GFP generator: pSB4A3-I7109, pSB4A3-I7107, pSB3K3-I7109 or pSB3K3-I7107, as noted.

Standard curve

[Fluorescence intensity] = 0.0025*[GFP copies/cell]-14.416

R^2 = 0.9684

FP-0852-2 MEG

From the standard curve above, FP-0852-2 beads represent ~370,000 MEG (+/-40%)


This work was done by Caitlin Conboy and Jennifer Braff. Thorough documentation to come...