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Visiting WE Farm

Today we will be at an on site visit to WE Farm. We will meet at 8AM sharp in JH 022 and bring all of our necessary sampling gear, lab notebooks, and other reagents we may require (depending on our protocols and projects). We will be driving two vans to the farm which is about 45 minutes away from campus. Breakfast will be provided (Bagels + cream cheese/peanut butter). We plan to spend about 1 hour at the farm giving us just under 1 hour back at the lab to get our samples stored for use in the following weeks. Therefore, please be prompt and arrive in a timely manner.

Returning to Lab

Each of the samples you collected needs to be kept at a particular temperature and/or processed before our next meeting. For example:

  1. Samples for DNA extraction need to be labeled and frozen in the -80C freezer
  2. Samples for plating isolates need to be resuspended in 10% glycerol and frozen at -80C
  3. Samples for the biolog plates need to be resuspended in 10% glycerol and frozen at -80C