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Rules and Guidelines


1. New users MUST be trained by the captain

2. ALWAYS add info in logbook.

3. Check if trap refrigeration unit is on and cold

4. Check if the vacuum pump is running


1. If the unit is not on turn on the instrument using the switch on the right side

2. Turn on the refrigeration pressing manual refrigeration. Wait until the unit cools to -80 °C (under temperature the series of orange lights and a green light will be illuminated)

3. After the unit has cooled turn on the vacuum pump by pressing vacuum. Wait until the vacuum drops stabilizes (same as with cooling a series of orange lights and a green light will be illuminated)

4. Place frozen sample in approved container and attach to lypholizer.

5. IMPORTANT – before evacuating sample check if other samples are the instrument. If other samples are being lypholized close each sample before evacuating your sample (closing samples prevents a sudden loss of vacuum in samples on the instrument).

6. Evacuate your sample by turning the gray knob until the depressed side in inline with the sample tube connector.

7. After the vacuum has stabilized open all samples to vacuum.

8. Fill out log sheet.

9. After lypholizing remove samples and return containers.