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TAE is a commonly used buffer for making and running DNA agarose gels. It is cheap to make, easy to store, and buffers well under higher running voltages.

It is convenient to make a stock solution of 50x TAE for easy storage.


To make 500mL of 50x TAE

(2M Tris, 2M acetic acid, 50mM EDTA):

  • dissolve 121 g Tris-base (FW - 121.14) in about 300 mL MilliQ H2O
  • add 28.55 mL glacial acetic acid
  • add 50 mL 0.5M EDTA (pH 8.0)
  • add MilliQ H2O to bring total volume to 500mL

Do not autoclave (I don't know why)

To make 1L of 1x TAE from 50x TAE

  • 20mL 50x TAE + 980 NanoPure H2O