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For clean bottles, pasteur pippettes, etc. Autoclave room is on the fourth floor of E25, adjacent to the freight elevator.

  • Set autoclaving conditions:
    • Press Dry button.
    • Sterilization time: 30 minutes.
    • Drying time: 50 minutes.
  • Make sure the bottle caps are not tightly screwed onto the bottles. Tighten the caps and loosen with 1/2 turn.
  • Put items in autoclavable secondary containers. If necessary, fill the secondary container with about 1 inch of water.
  • Place container in the autoclave.
  • Close the autoclave door, turn the latch, and tighten the wheel.
  • Press Start.
  • Ensure the temperature reaches 121°C before leaving.
  • Enter information into the log.