Lissa1: July9-July16

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Monday, July 10

  1. Do colony PCR of new pGEV colonies. -DECIDED NOT TO DO
    1. Is this worth it? There are only 2 colonies, 1 contamination, and the diagnostic digest looked the same as last time.
    2. Look at suspicious cells under microscope to see what they are. -DONE
  2. Use Trp1_A and _D to PCR the yeast genome to see if it works. -DONE
    1. Where is the yeast genome? -FOUND
    2. Run gel of PCR. -DONE
  3. Start using Fus3 antibody... -DONE
    1. Make alpha-arrested samples - DONE
  4. Order anti-goat antibody -DONE
  5. Do ImageQuant stuff -DONE

Tuesday, July 11

  1. Prep proteins (alpha, beta, etc) - DONE
  2. Pour mini small gel (x2) and load it -DONE, run it -DONE, transfer it -DONE, set up incubation -DONE
  3. Do transfer -DONE and set up overnight incubation of big Western -DONE
  4. Pour new SUMO gel - DONE
  5. Set up 2 overnight cultures- DONE

Wednesday, July 12

  1. Wash and image big Western *and* little Western - DONE
  2. Colony PCR with Trp1_A and Trp1_D of s288c yeast and run gel. -DONE
  3. Prep and load unarrested large PPL samples and run for a LONG TIME - SAMPLES DID NOT GROW!!!

Thursday, July 13


Friday, July 14


Saturday, July 15