Lissa1:Pour Agarose Gel

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  1. Get the 1% agarose out of the warmer.
  2. Get a small flask. Flame the bottom of it.
  3. Pour around 50 mL of agarose in to the flask.
  4. Go in to the gel room. Add 2 uL of ethidium bromide to your flask, using new gloves, and the pipettes in the gel room.
  5. Pour your gel in to its mold.
  6. Put in the comb that you need.
  7. Load your samples.
    1. Preparing samples:
      1. Put 4 uL dots of 1x loading buffer on parafilm.
      2. Add 200 ng of DNA to each dot (works out around 4 uL usually), except for a ladder - add only 1 uL of the ladder.
  8. Load samples in to gel.
  9. Run gel at 85 V.
  10. Image gel!