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pBluescript was used for the ligation reactions run today.


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I decided to use google docs to make a spreadsheet of my ligation reactions. It should be way better than my manual chart copy and paste and all that nonsense. The reactions are running overnight.

Tubes 1-6 reactions include digested plasmid and gDNA with XhoI.
Tubes 7-13 reactions include digestions of pBS and gDNA with XhoI and EcoRI.
Both sets of rxns have ratios as indicated in the left most column. Steve Koch 13:11, 19 July 2009 (EDT): Presumably, these ligation reactions were then transformed into E. coli (User:Anthony Salvagno/Notebook/Research/2009/04/07) plated out, and some colinies were picked for miniprep and glycerol stock creation. But I can't find the details. Importantly, one of these plates was used for creation of the "library" glycerol stocks. From the looks of it, it was probably XhoI/EcoRI digested version?