Lidstrom:Finding Chemicals

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We have chemicals in several locations. Everyone should sign up for MyChem, a University of Washington Chemical inventory service. Talk to Frances Chu about this. Once in MyChem, you can search for chemical names. You must spell it correctly, and you can only type a fraction of a word if you like. When it finds your item, click to see the room number. Then use this legend: Room:

  1. 409 series:
    1. 409: fermentor room
    2. 409A: RNA room
    3. 409B: former BSL2 lab
  2. 417: peoples' benches
    1. Not updated since pre Jan 2011
  3. 419: row of freezers (where the -80oC freezers by the shaker rooms are)
  4. 422: cold room
  5. 426: protein/hot room
  6. 432: flammables & acids cabinet in the central bay
    1. fume hood 1:
    2. fume hood 2:
    3. fume hood 3:
    4. fume hood 4: RNA room fume hood
  7. 436: hallway "beer cooler" fridge on the way to the autoclave and media prep rooms.
    1. Note: some of these moved to the west-most fridge (lighted, single-door) by the purification columns.
  8. 437: red cabinets in media prep room
  9. 408 & 417: people's personal refrigerators. Ask someone with Admin access in MyChem to look up whose it is. Then ask the person who possesses it if it is available to share.

The lab manager curates this database. Please let them know if you buy chemicals, use up chemicals, or discover erroneous information.