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Dishwasher use (room 435)

  • Contact Lab Manager for training before use!
  • Use Log book every time
  1. Open door and pull out rack
  2. Place bottles on pins so that openings are facing down
    1. Do not pack in bottles too tightly
    2. Do no stack bottles on top of each other or use second rack
  3. Place beakers on flat area
  4. Place smaller items in to mesh bags, place these on flat area
  5. Do not fill mesh bags more than half full
  6. Push rack back into the washer
  7. Close door making sure handle is secure
    1. Handle and door must be secure before starting!
  8. Press the power button
  9. Press the start button
  10. Wait for cycle to finish before opening door
  11. When opening door open a small amount and let steam escape before fully opening
    1. Escaping steam is very hot and can cause burns
  12. Glassware after a completed run is very hot, use gloves to remove, or let cool with door open