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Peer Reviewed Publications

(** Selected Publications)

In preparation

  1. Xi Y, .., Chen R*, Li W*, He X*: Identification of Fragile Nucleosomes in the Yeast Genome. Submitted. (* joint corresponding authors)
  2. Li W, Liu XS, Struhl K and Wade JT: Distinguishing function from noise: identification of functional protein-DNA interactions from genome-wide binding profiles. Submitted.
  3. Sequencing-Based Profiling of DNA Methylation; Methods comparison and application to allelic epigenetic modifications. In preparation
  4. Genome-wide reinforcement of cohesin binding at pre-existing cohesion sites in response to ionizing irradiation in human cells. In preparation
  5. A High Resolution Map of the Drosophila Transcriptome by Paired-End RNA-Sequencing. In preparation

  6. Wang L, Xi Y, Yu J, Dong L, Yen L, Li W: A Statistical Method for the Detection of Alternative Splicing using RNA-seq.
    ** PLoS ONE 5 (2010) e8529.Full Article
    Highlighted in This Week in PLoS in
  7. Chen Z, Wang L, Wang Q, Li W: Histone modifications and chromatin organization in prostate cancer (Invited Review).
    ** Epigenomics (2010) Accepted.
  8. Lanz RB, Bulynko Y, Malovannaya A, Labhart P, Wang L, Li W, Qin J, Harper M, O'Malley BW: Global Characterization of Transcriptional Impact of the SRC-3 Coregulator.
    Mol Endocrinol (2010).
  9. Couplet- syntax: an improved syntax to represent pre-miRNA’s local continuous structure-sequence information.
    Journal of Theoretical Biology. Accepted.

  10. Xi Y, Li W: BSMAP: whole genome Bisulfite Sequence MAPping program.
    ** BMC Bioinformatics (2009) 10:232.Full Article
    BioMed Central Highly Accessed
  11. Wang Q*, Li W*, Zhang Y, Yuan X, ..., Kantoff PW, Liu XS, Brown M: Androgen Receptor Regulates a Distinct Transcription Program in Androgen-Independent Prostate Cancer. (* joint first authors)
    ** Cell 138 (2009) 245-256 Full Article
    Faculty of 1000 Must Read
    Prostate-cancer Research Highlights in Nature Review Cancer
    Spotlight in ACS Chem. Biol
  12. Huang J, Chen T, Liu X, Jiang J, Li J, Li D, Liu XS, Li W, Kang J, Pei G: More synergetic cooperation of Yamanaka factors in induced pluripotent stem cells than in embryonic stem cells.
    Cell Res (2009)
  13. Xia X, Lemieux M, Li W, Carroll JS, Brown M, Liu XS and Kung A: Integrative analysis of HIF binding and transactivation reveals its role in maintaining histone methylation homeostasis.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106 (2009) 4260-4265.

  14. Zhang Y, Liu T, Meyer CA, Eeckhoute J, Johnson DS, Bernstein BE, Nussbaum C, Myers RM, Brown M, Li W#, Liu XS#: Model-based Analysis of ChIP-Seq (MACS). (# joint corresponding authors).
    ** Genome Biol. 9 (2008) R137 Full Article
    BioMed Central Highly Accessed
    Recommended by the AB/SOLiD
  15. Johnson D*, Li W*, Gordon DB, Bhattacharjee A, Curry B, Ghosh J, Brizuela L, Carroll JS, Brown M, Flicek P et al.: Systematic evaluation of variability in ChIP-chip experiments using predefined DNA targets.(* joint first authors)
    ** Genome Res. 18 (2008) 393-403. Abstract Full Article
    Highlights in Nature Method
  16. Li W, Carroll JS, Brown M and Liu XS: xMAN: extreme MApping of OligoNucleotides.
    ** BMC Genomics (2008). Abstract Full Article
    News in Bioinform
  17. Lupien M, Eeckhoute J, Meyer CA, Wang Q, Zhang Y, Li W, Carroll JS, Liu XS and Brown M: FoxA1 translates epigenetic signatures into lineage-specific transcription.
    ** Cell 132 (2008) 958-970 Abstract
  18. Agoulnik IU, Bingman WE, Nakka M, Li W, Wang Q, Brown M, Liu XS, Weigel NL: Target Gene Specific Regulation of Androgen Receptor Activity by p42/p44 MAPK.
    Mol Endocrinol 22 (2008) 2420-2432.
  19. Yagi S, Hirabayashi K, Sato S, Li W, Takahashi Y, Hirakawa T, Wu G, Hattori N, Ohgane J, Tanaka S et al: DNA methylation profile of tissue-dependent and differentially methylated regions (T-DMRs) in mouse promoter regions demonstrating tissue-specific gene expression.
    Genome Res 18 (2008) 1969-1978
  20. Gottardo R, Li W, Liu XS and Johnson WE: A flexible and powerful Bayesian hierarchical model for ChIP-chip experiments.
    Biometrics 64 (2008) 468-478. Abstract

  21. Wang Q, Li W, Liu XS, Carroll JS, Janne OA, Keeton EK, Chinnaiyan AM, Pienta KJ and Brown M: A hierarchical network of transcription factors governs androgen receptor-dependent prostate cancer growth.(Featured Article)
    ** Mol Cell 27 (2007) 380-392. Abstract
    Faculty of 1000 Recommended
  22. O'Neil J, Tchinda J, Gutierrez A, Moreau L, Maser R, Wong KK, Li W, KcKenna K, Liu XS, Neuberg D, Silverman L, DeAngelo D, Kutok J, Rothstein R, DePinho R, Chin L, Lee C and Look AT: Tandem Duplication as a Novel Mechanism of MYB Activation in Human T-ALL.
    J Exp Med 204 (2007) 3059-3066.
  23. Song JS, Johnson WE, Zhu X, Zhang X, Li W, Manrai AK, Liu JS, Chen R and Liu XS: Model-based analysis of two-color arrays (MA2C).
    Genome Biol 8 (2007) R178. Abstract
  24. Song J, Maghsoudi K, Li W, Fox E, Quackenbush J and Liu XS: Microarray Blob-Defect Removal Improves Array Analysis.
    Bioinformatics 23 (2007) 966-971. Abstract Full Article
  25. Porcine transcriptome analysis based on 97 non-normalized cDNA libraries and assembly of 1,021,891 expressed sequence tags.(list author)
    Genome Biol 8 (2007) R45. Abstract Full Article

  26. Johnson WE*, Li W*, Meyer CA*, Gottardo R, Carroll JS, Brown M and Liu XS: Model-based analysis of tiling-arrays for ChIP-chip.(* joint first authors)
    ** Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A 103 (2006) 12457-12462. Abstract Full Article
  27. Carroll JS, Meyer CA, Song J, Li W, Geistlinger TR, Eeckhoute J, Brodsky AS, Keeton EK, Fertuck KC, Hall GF, Wang Q, Bekiranov S, Sementchenko V, Fox EA, Silver PA, Gingeras TR, Liu XS and Brown M: Genome-wide analysis of estrogen receptor binding sites.
    ** Nat. Genet. 38 (2006) 1289-1297. Abstract
  28. Ji X*, Li W*, Song J, Wei L and Liu XS: CEAS: cis-regulatory element annotation system.(* joint first authors)
    ** Nucleic Acids Res. 34 (2006) W551-554. Abstract Full Article
  29. Nelson EA, Walker SR, Li W, Liu XS and Frank DA: Identification of Human STAT5-dependent Gene Regulatory Elements Based on Interspecies Homology.
    J. Biol. Chem. 281 (2006) 26216-26224. Abstract Full Article
  30. Palomero T, Odom DT, O'Neil J, Ferrando AA, Margolin A, Neuberg DS, Winter SS, Larson RS, Li W, Liu XS, Young RA and Look AT: Transcriptional regulatory networks downstream of TAL1/SCL in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
    Blood 108 (2006) 986-992. Abstract Full Article
  31. The DNA sequence, annotation and analysis of human chromosome 3. (list author)
    Nature 440 (2006) 1194-1198. Abstract

  32. Li W, Meyer CA and Liu XS: A hidden Markov model for analyzing ChIP-chip experiments on genome tiling arrays and its application to p53 binding sequences.
    ** Bioinformatics 21 Suppl 1 (ISMB2005) i274-i282. Abstract
  33. Carroll JS, Liu XS, Brodsky AS, Li W, Meyer CA, Szary AJ, Eeckhoute J, Shao W, Hestermann EV, Geistlinger TR, Fox EA, Silver PA and Brown M: Chromosome-Wide Mapping of Estrogen Receptor Binding Reveals Long-Range Regulation Requiring the Forkhead Protein FoxA1.
    ** Cell 122 (2005) 33-43. Abstract
  34. Pigs in sequence space: a 0.66X coverage pig genome survey based on shotgun sequencing. (list author)
    BMC Genomics 6 (2005) 70. Abstract Full Article
  35. Yu Z, Li Y, Meng Q, Yuan J, Zhao Z, Li W, Hu X, Yan B, Fan B, Yu S and Li N: Comparative analysis of the pig BAC sequence involved in the regulation of myostatin gene. Sci.
    China C Life Sci. 48 (2005) 168-180. Abstract
  36. The Chinese Human Genome Sequencing Consortium: #Beijing Region# (3pter-D3S3397) of the human genome: Complete sequence and analysis. Sci.(list author)
    China C Life Sci. 48 (2005) 311-329. Abstract

  37. Li W, Shi J, Wang X, Han Y, Tong W, Ma L, Liu B and Cai B: Complete nucleotide sequence and organization of the naphthalene catabolic plasmid pND6-1 from Pseudomonas sp. strain ND6.
    ** Gene 336 (2004) 231-240. Abstract
  38. International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium: Finishing the euchromatic sequence of the human genome. (list author)
    Nature 431 (2004) 931-945. Abstract
  39. Li Y, Luo C, Li W, Xu Z, Zeng C, Bi S, Yu J, Wu J and Yang H: Structure-based preliminary analysis of immunity and virulence of SARS coronavirus.
    Viral Immunol. 17 (2004) 528-534. Abstract
  40. Wang J, Xue Y, Feng X, Li X, Wang H, Li W, Zhao C, Cheng X, Ma Y, Zhou P, Yin J, Bhatnagar A, Wang R and Liu S: An Analysis of the Proteomic Profile for Thermoanaerobacter Tengcongensis under Optimal Culture Conditions.
    Proteomics 4 (2004) 136-150. Abstract
  41. Lu H, Zhao Y, Zhang J, Wang Y, Li W, Zhu X, Sun S, Xu J, Ling L, Cai L, Bu D and Chen R: Date of origin of the SARS coronavirus strains.
    BMC Infect. Dis. 4 (2004). Abstract Full Article

  42. Wang J, Wen J, Li J, Yin J, Zhu Q, Wang H, Yang Y, Qin E, You B, Li W, Li X, Huang S, Yang R, Zhang X, Yang L, Zhang T, Yin Y, Cui X, Tang X, Wang L, He B, Ma L, Lei T, Zeng C, Fang J, Yu J, Yang H, West MB, Bhatnagar A, Lu Y, Xu N and Liu S: Assessment of Immunoreactive Synthetic Peptides from the Structural Proteins of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus.
    Clin. Chem. 49 (2003) 1989-1996. Abstract Full Article
  43. A genome sequence of novel SARS-CoV isolates: the genotype, GD-Ins29, leads to a hypothesis of viral transmission in South China.(joint first author)
    Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics 1 (2003) 101-107. Abstract
  44. Complete genome sequences of the SARS-CoV: the BJ Group (Isolates BJ01-BJ04).(joint first author)
    Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics 1 (2003) 180-192. Abstract
  45. Evolution and Variation of the SARS-CoV Genome. (joint first author)
    Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics 1 (2003) 216-225. Abstract
  46. A complete sequence and comparative analysis of a SARS-associated virus (Isolate BJ01). (joint first author)
    Chin. Sci. Bull. 48 (2003) 941-948. Abstract
  47. Qi Z, Hu Y, Li W, Chen Y, Zhang Z, Sun S, Hu H, Zhang J, Bu D, Ling L and Chen R: Phylogeny of SARS-CoV as Inferred from Complete Genome Comparison.
    Chin. Sci. Bull. 48 (2003) 1175-1178. Abstract

  48. Bao Q*, Tian Y*, Li W*, Xu Z, Xuan Z, Hu S, Dong W, Yang J, Chen Y, Xue Y, Xu Y, Lai X, Huang L, Dong X, Ma Y, Ling L, Tan H, Chen R, Wang J, Yu J and Yang H: A Complete Sequence of the T. tengcongensis Genome. (* joint first authors)
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  49. Li W, Fang W, Ling L, Wang J, Xuan Z and Chen R: Phylogeny Based on Whole Genome as inferred from Complete Information Set Analysis.
    ** J. Biol. Phys. 28 (2002) 439-447. Abstract
  50. Ling L, Wang J, Cui Y, Li W and Chen R: Proteome-wide analysis of protein function composition reveals the clustering and phylogenetic properties of organisms. Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 25 (2002) 101-111.
    Abstract Full Article
  51. Zhong L, Wang K, Tan J, Li W and Li S: Putative cytochrome P450 genes in rice genome (Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica) and their EST evidence.
    Sci. China C Life Sci. 45 (2002) 512-517. Abstract
  52. A draft sequence of the rice genome (Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica). (list author)
    Science 296 (2002) 79-92. Abstract

  53. International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium: Initial sequencing and analysis of the human genome. (list author)
    ** Nature 409 (2001) 860-921. Abstract
  54. A draft sequence of the rice (Oryza sativa ssp. indica) genome. (list author)
    Chin. Sci. Bull. 46 (2001) 1937-1942.