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emacs snapshot

project homepage

emacs homepage


My .emacs file

Monaco Font

wget http://jorrel.googlepages.com/Monaco_Linux.ttf
sudo mkdir /usr/share/fonts/truetype/custom
sudo mv Monaco_Linux.ttf /usr/share/fonts/truetype/custom/
sudo fc-cache -f -v

install color-theme for emacs

mkdir /usr/share/emacs-snapshot/site-lisp/emacs-goodies-el
cd /usr/share/emacs-snapshot/site-lisp/emacs-goodies-el/
sudo wget http://shallowsky.com/dotfiles/.emacs-lisp/color-theme.el

cd ~/.emacs.d/
sudo wget http://www.brockman.se/software/zenburn/zenburn.el

cd /etc/emacs/
wget www.splode.com/~friedman/software/emacs-lisp/src/ssh.el

emacs speaks statistics

ess homepage

ess manual

starting session on remote server

(note: M is the 'Alt' key, C is the 'Ctrl' key

M-x ssh          # in emacs mini-buffer
<server name>
R                # at server prompt 
M-x ess-remote   # mini-buffer
r                # mini-buffer, at prompt for dialect

some ess shortcuts

  • C-x C-n evaluate (run in R) this line and step to next line
  • C-x C-c evaluate from here to next blank line
  • C-x C-r evaluate highlighted region
  • C-x C-b evaluate entire buffer (entire open file)

for more shortcuts and tips, see this handy ess reference card