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Tharathorn (Joy) Rimchala (BE Postdoctoral Associate) in collaboration with Prof. Roger Kamm, MIT

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Research Summary:

Cell Decision Model of Signaling in Endothelial Angiogenesis

Angiogenic sprouting, the formation of new branch from an existing blood vessel are governed by intracellular signaling that directs coordinated proliferation, migration and apoptosis of population of endothelial cells. Most existing quantitative models of endothelial angiogenesis minimally accounts for the role of intracellular singaling that drive endothelial cell decision.

My project involves developing a multi-state cell decision model that relates the effect of intracellular signaling to changes in cell decision in response to angiogenic and angiostatic cytokines including VEGF and Angiogepoietins. In collaboration with the EFRI team, I also work on developing corresponding methods to estimate parameters from cellular response data. Using human dermal microvascular cell line(hMVEC) as a model system, I measure cell proliferation, migration survival and apoptosis using flow cytometry and single cell tracking.