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Adding a networked printer in windows

  • Find IP address on help menu of printer
  • In Windows
    • Start->printers->add a new printer
    • Select "local port", uncheck "automatically detect", click next
    • Select "create a new port", Select "tcp/ip port", click next
    • Put IP address of printer in ID - port is irrelevant
    • Choose appropriate printer driver
    • Finished

Data Storage

DVD backups

  • Lauffenburger lab has a 16x DVD+-rw, double layer (8x) external DVD drive that uses USB. Compatible with mac and windows

Installing DVD

  • Use disk1 of the DVD burner kit to install software
  • Takes approx. 15min to install

Burning DVD

  • Plug in power
  • Plug in USB
  • Turn DVD-RW drive on (Flip switch at back left corner)
  • Use Roxio menu to open DVD
  • Insert DVD
  • Push tray to close
  • Drag and drop files to roxio software
  • Eject disc - allow it to convert disc format for making it readable by standard DVD-ROM drives (say YES on the dialog box upon ejection)
  • Eject DVD-RW drive from USB port
  • Turn power off
  • Pack and return drive to computer room

Personal Wiki

  • Explore MIT Scripts to see all the different packages you can install
  • Use an ssh program to log into athena at the prompts:
    • athena% add scripts
    • athena% scripts-start

Useful FAQ's

Computer Room

See Lauffenburger:Computer Room.