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Rules and Guidelines

1. See Pehr prior to use, and obtain the lens assembly from him.

2. The laser cutter must be left clean and in good condition for the next user.

3. A user is obligated to clean up the laser cutter regardless of the state in which they found it originally. Please report misuse and failure to clean up to Jessica and to Pehr.

4. Laser Safety Training is required for this Class 2 Laser System through Axess Training, Course title: Laser Safety Training Course EHS-4820-WEB

Please read the additional Laser Safety information: File:Laser Safety Program.pdf


1. New user MUST be trained by Pehr.

2. The lens assembly must be cleaned thoroughly after use and returned to Pehr.

3. Alignment of the laser beam must be verified by a burn test prior to use.

4. Only plastics can be cut with the device. For alternate materials see Pehr.


1. Debris that accumulates in the catch tray must be removed using the departmental vacuum.

2. Any failure of the laser cutter must be promptly reported verbally and via email to Jessica and to Pehr.


File:Ext 4.22.10.pdf


Tech Support (+1) 303-215-9171 Sales (+1) 303-277-1188