Lactobacillus transformation (Berthier 1996)

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General guidelines for the electro-transformation of Lactobacillus sake as described by Berthier et al. and as used by Alegre et al. with Lactobacillus plantarum.


  • 50 ul of L.plantarum competent cells
  • In vitro modified plasmid DNA
  • MRS media + antibiotic
  • Stock solution of MgCl2
  • Stock Solution of Glucose
  • Electroporation Buffer (0.5M Sucrose, 10% Glycerol)


  1. Grow cells overnight in MRS Broth at 30°C.
  2. Use overnight culture to inoculate 100ml MRS Broth .
  3. Incubate at 30°C until OD600 = 0.4-0.6.
  4. Wash 2x with wash-solution (10mM MgCl2)
    1. Centrifuge for 5min at 3000g.
    2. Resuspend in 10ml wash-solution.
    3. Repeat.
  5. Wash 1X in Electroporation Buffer (0.5M Sucrose, 10% Glycerol)
    1. Centrifuge for 5min at 3,000g
    2. Resuspend in 10ml E buffer
  6. Concentrate in Electroporation Buffer
    1. Centrifuge for 5min at 3,000g
    2. Resuspend in 500μL E buffer
  7. Make 50μL aliquots and store at -80°C until use
  8. Thaw aliquots on ice for use
  9. Add up to 5μL plasmid DNA
  10. Electroporate at 9000kV/cm
  11. Recover cells by adding 500μL of MRS with 80mM MgCl2
  12. Incubate for 2 hours at 30°C
  13. Plate to select.


  • Time constants for this protocol are between 11.3 and 13.8ms using a Bio-Rad gene pulser with a pulse controller set at 25μF and 600Ω.


Berthier, F., Zagorec, M., Champomier-Verge`s, M., Ehrlich, S.D. and Morel-Deville, F. (1996) Efficient transformation of Lactobacillus sake by electroporation. Microbiology 142, 1273–1279.

Alegre et al. (FEMS Microbiology Letters 241 (2004) 73–77)



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