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This page lists descriptions of tools for efficiently managing lab's data. You may add other tools to the list.

Genome Compiler - a free all-in-one DNA design software which is helpful for managing the lab's data and collaborate with others:

  • Genome Compiler’s cloud based storage allows you to access your projects from any computer. This eliminates the need to save your work on a flashdrive or email the information to yourself just to continue working on your project.
  • The cloud also makes sharing your project with colleagues extremely simple, as they will never have to pay for a license to view the files like on some other software tools.
  • All of your work is saved in the Materials Box. From the materials box, you can open one of your own projects or choose one of the sequences that come preloaded on Genome Compiler.
  • Regardless of where you are logging on to Genome Compiler from, your Materials Box will always be the same and contain all of your saved projects.
  • You can manage your lab's primers using the Primer Library tool. It allows you to import primers from your computer or add primers from existing projects to a library stored inside the Materials Box. It is then possible to attach primers from any one of these libraries to any project sequence you work on and also share these libraries with others.
  • You can also create an admin account and import all your data into the Materials Box inside Genome Compiler. The admin account will be the ‘Owner’ of the folders and can share all the data with the other lab members simultaneously. Each lab member will now see these folders appear in their Materials box in their Genome Compiler account.