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nf020 - chicken embryo sb - Stage 26 - 2006.10.02


Objective Inject anterior vs posterior branch of VII to see if it labels different groups of MNs.


  • Left Anterior VII DiO (may be some DiO on ganglion)
  • Left Posterior VII DiI

  • Right Anterior VII DiO
  • Right Posterior VII DiI


Not happy with injections


  • nf020_Series003
  • nf020_Series004
  • nf020_Series010
  • nf020_Series011
  • nf020_Series019
  • nf020_Series020


Caudal Facial

  • Afferents

Clearly projecting both caudally and rostrally. Rostral branch seems to be in a somewhat more lateral position, except for what appears to be a very thin bundle of a few axons on the lateral-most edge of the wholemount on the caudal side. Caudal bundle appears in a more medial position, except for a few thin and tightly packed axons on the more lateral side. Only got afferents on injections on one of the sides

  • Efferents

Caudal branch clearly labels more superficial/ medial column of mn on both r4 and r5, but primarily on R4. The more lateral deep colum is also well labelled.

  • Other

Profiles on the floor plate - few

Rostral Facial

Injection on one side had a bit of spill into the ganglion, and on that side, DiO seems to have labelled everything VII.

  • Afferents

Looks like the rostral afferents labelled from rostral facial form a rather defasciulated rostral branch that seems to stop short probably near the edge of r4/r3. The caudal branch clearly has 2 branches, with the lateral seeming more defasciculated, but neither of then forms a tight bundle.

  • Efferents

The deep/lateral motoneuron column seems to be more intensely labelled in r5, although there might be a bit of labelling in r4. The more superficial/medial group is labelled in both r4 and r5, but not as much as with DiI from the rostral branch. There is in fact very little labelling.

  • Other


Some slight differences in the motoneuron pattern of labelling - it looks like caudal contributing more to motoneurons whereas rostral contributes more to afferents.