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nf011 - chicken sb - Stage 26-26.5 - 2006.09.11


Objective Try to separate auditory from facial


  • DiI in the distal cochlea duct (LEFT)
  • DiO crystal in facial (LEFT)



  • nf011_Series012 z00-z17
  • nf011_Series016 z00-z38
  • nf011_Series020 z00-z19
  • nf011_Series025 z00-z19


Only Green label - nice and clean. No red label

LEFT Facial

(Green) Nice and clean - sharp images.

  • Afferents

Caudal afferents (maybe mechano to trigeminal?) form a rather defasciculated bundle that reaches about halfway through the rootlets of the caudal nerve exit of IX/X. Rostral afferents stop short of the exit of V.

  • Efferents

Two clear groups. A more lateral group that spans r4-5 and in r4 a clear group primarily in r4 (perhaps a little in r5, axons seem to be at different depth than the motoneuron cluster in r5, according to the depth coded image). Axons from r4 go straight to exit point whereas those in r5 go laterally and then 'ride on' the afferent bundle. There is a small bundle of motoneurons rostrally that also seems to go ride on the rostral afferent bundle. The cell bodies of MNs seem to form chains on top of mini-fascicules of axons going towards the exit nerve.

  • Other



  • Caudal afferent bundle -> probably mechano to trigeminal
  • Rostral afferent bundle -> Probably taste going to solitarius
  • medial MN -> Probably depressor mandible (short medial collumn?)
  • long lateral MN column -> Probably extrinsic tongue