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nf010 - chicken sb - Stage 25.5-26 - 2006.09.11


Objective Try to get labelling more restricted to auditory component of VIII


  • Inject DiO dissolved in peanut oil in tip of cochlea (LEFT)
  • Inject DiI dissolved in peanut oil in tip of cochlea (RIGHT)



  • nf010_Series003 Ch00 z00-17 (RED)
  • nf010_Series004 Ch00 z00-17 (Green)
  • nf010_Series011 Ch00 z00-31 (red)
  • nf010_Series017 Ch00 z00-15 (Red)
  • nf010_Series022 Ch00 z00-18 (GREEN)
  • nf010_Series027 Ch00 z00-28 (Green)


Left Cochlea


  • Afferents

I see a single bundle of axons which run quite along the length of the hindbrain - but cant find well defined branches. Rostrally, the afferent bundle seems to project rotral to the level of the trigeminal nerve root, and caaudally all the way caudal as well. At the level of r3, there are some side branches coming out of the nerve, but cant see very many. The few I see seem to be coming out rostral to teh VIIIn root.

  • Efferents

Not too dense, a lot of varicosities. Clearly on r4 and r5.

  • Other

Dont see any fibres crossing the midline.

Right Cochlea


  • Afferents

Quite a lot of lateral branching on the caudal afferent bundle.

  • Efferents

Didn't seem to get the efferents

  • Other



  • Is it possible that axons extend throughout but then only sidebranch where their targets will be?