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nf009 - chicken sb - Stage 26 - 2006.08.28




  • Load DiI on one RIGHT side and DiO on LEFT side for left/right comparisons (VIII)

Notes May have some spill on very caudal nerve on right side. That is the side that was labelled with DiI and the spill is with DiO, so unlikely to influence interpretation of data.


  • nf009_Merging_00 Ch 00-01 z00-06 (RED and GREEN)
  • nf009_Series007 z00-06(GREEN)
  • nf009_Series008 Ch00 z00-06 (RED)
  • nf009_Series027 Ch00 z00-27 (GREEN)
  • nf009_Series028 Ch00 z00-027 (RED)


  • nf009_Series040 Ch00 z00-38 (RED)
  • nf009_Series041 Ch00 z00-38 (GREEN)
  • nf009_Series049 Ch00 z00-30 (RED) - seems same as 040 - there seems to be a little jump somewhere in there?


LEFT Cochleovestibular

(Green) Quite a lot of labelling!

  • Afferents

Have two very distinct and separate afferent bundles (series 007).

  • Efferents

Nice clean labelling. cell bodies seem to be crossing floor plate.

  • Other

Series 041 shows neurites crossing the floorplate and also what appears as cell bodies going into it too.

RIGHT Cochleovestibular


  • Afferents

Caudal afferents seem to have a clear separation into 2 bundles, but this is less clear in the rostral branch (Series 028). It seems that there are lots of side branches coming out of the afferent bundles. There also seems to be, at the depth where the effernt axons seem to meet the afferent bundles a more medial, shorter and more defasciculated bundle - but only see this on the caudal side.

  • Efferents

Very nicely labelled and crisp. There seem to be 2 groups both of which span r4/r5. A column which is more lateral with well compacted cell bodies, and a column closer to the floor plate.

  • Other

in Series 028 it appears that there are a few neurites crossing the floor plate, probalb only on r5. Image nf009-Series040-z025 shows a neuroblast in really close apposition with a nearby "fibre" There seem to be not just neurites but also cell bodies on the floor plate. I also notice some labelled fibres that are travelling on what seems to be the border between the floor plate and the basal plate. It is also quite clear that many of these processes are crossing all the way to the contralateral side