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NF006 - embryo sb - Stage 26 - 2006.08.24



  • try to differentiate between cochlear and vestibular.

Procedure Filled the tip of a glass pipette with peanut oil and used it to dissolve the dye crystals.

  • Unilateral: Pressure injected DiI/peanut oil into the cochlear extension and DiO/peanut oil into the vestibular (base).



  • RED series 005 ch 00 z00-z020.


  • Nice DiI labelling, no DiO labelling.
  • 63X objective not working

Cochlear/lagenar nerve

  • Afferents

Caudal afferent branch seems like a large unfasciculated bundle. Cannot see a separation into discrete components. The rostral branch seems to have 2 discrete bundles separated by what seems to be a black hole of where other input/output fibres might be going through. There is a medial bundle that seems to be associated with the turning axons of the more rostral motor axons, and a more lateral bundle that is not. Both bundles project to approximately the same extent rostrally, crossing R3 at least and probably beyond that. The rostral end of this injection seems to stop a lot shorter than in case nf007.

  • Efferents
  • Other



  • Why is it that the rostral afferents seem to stop shorter than nf007? Could I have gotten the other 2 branches wrong?


  • Need to do cochlea on one side and red and green on both branches on the other side.