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NF003 - embryo sb - Stage 26-27 2006.08.14



Try to differentiate between VIII efferents and VII motonoeurons through possible crosscontamination. Remove completely the VIII ganglion on the side of injection of nVII.


Apply big chunks of dye to separate both staining patterns.

  • DiO, VIII ganglion, RIGHT.
  • DiI VII, LEFT. Remove cochleovestibular ganglion, apply DiI at the level of the VII ganglion. There may be a little diI into the stump of VIII

Notes Rhombomere boundaries no longer visible


  • GREEN: Series007 Ch00 Z00-46 -> Some distortion?
  • RED: Series 020 Ch00 Z00-51
  • GREEN: Series 055 Ch00 Z00-17 -> Jumpy (?)
  • RED: Series 058 Ch00 Z00-017 -> High mag of motoneurons


Good uptake from both dyes.

Facial nerve

  • Afferents

Series 020 (Red, Facial labelling) shows an interesting "loop" of the axons around the nerve entry stump. The caudal branch of the afferent is split in 2. It looks like the more medial of these two is where the axons of the MNs seem to be riding on.The more rostral afferent bundle also seems split in 2 with the more medial half seeming more defasciculated.

  • Efferents

MNs from r5 group seem to hit afferent bundle at more of a right angle and then ride on, rostrally, to get to the exit point, whereas the MNs from r4 segment seem to be going straight towards the brainstem exit point.


Some jumpiness/distortion on the confocal stacks