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NF002 - embryo sb - Stage 23 (25?) 2006.08.02




  • DiI crystal VII, RIGHT side. Remove cochlear ganglion, apply DiI crystal on facial, distal to ganglion.
  • DiO crystal VIII, LEFT side. Apply to both branches in the posterior bifurcation of the cochleovestibular ganglion


Rhombomere boundaries almost visible only rostral to VIII

Posterior branch of Cochlear ganglion has two visible branches.


  • RED: Series 006 Ch00 Z000-039


  • No uptake of DiO

Facial labelling

Stack does not cover full thickness of hindbrain - I am missing the bundle of axons that are going to the motoneurons in the caudal segment.

  • Afferents

There is also a thin lateral fascicle of short afferent axons on the ipsilateral side. Rostral sensory fascicle seems separated into 2 discrete bundles. Caudally it seems to be the case too, but they appear to come back together at a more caudal level (not so for rostral bundles).

  • Efferents

MN labelled unilaterally. The caudal group of motoneurons seem to have extensions on or crossing the floor plate.