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EmbryoName HK034- chicken embryo- Stage 21 - 15.1.15


Objective To dye seperate branches of each trigeminal nerve different colours to follow their cell bodies and see how they are organised. Also the dye each side of the same nerve a seperate colour so that I can notice any decussation or cross talk at the floorplate.


  • Trigeminal nerve L- Ant branch DiO and post branch DiI, opp on R side

Notes nerves were cleanly dissected but anterior branch of L side was particularly small but managed to inject that contaminate free. looked 4 hours later and saw dyes diffusing well, DiO appears to have penetrated on R V2-3 !! Bizarre!




Anterior Branch L side


Posterior Branch L side

  • Afferents

very long pioneer axons at both rostral and caudal ends, some side branching as in stage 22 but not as many

  • Efferents

very few labelled, there's something going on with transmission through different ant and posterior bundles, because there should have been heaps of efferents imaged as there were on the opposite by diO

  • Other

Anterior Branch R side

  • Afferents

contamination from 7 nerve so can't use these afferents to make judgements about the trigeminal specifically but see similar patterns of a few misguided wacky turns

  • Efferents

got more efferents!!

Why did I get images of efferents in DII on the R side?? there aren't technically supposed to be efferents as part of the V1 nerve as it is purely sensory

  • Other

Posterior Branch R side

  • Afferents

DiO did magically label ( a bit faint though), saw discrete seperation between v1 and v2+3 branches of afferents,

  • Efferents

saw lots of efferents and their turning points of those in r3, don't appear to be in physical contact with the afferents at turning point this may have been controlled earlier

  • Other


quite a similar pattern to HK032 except for luckily the dying of the posterior bundle on the r side, much more obvious pioneer axons at this age, see some side branching and defasiculation of afferents but not as much as stage 22 (my impression anyway)

Questions this reinforces my question of why efferents through V1? Future

start analysing more turns and filopodia notches on my previous injections